Zeta Bar’s culinary fusion

Hilton’s new Culinary Cocktail Experience is the ultimate culinary fusion, set to tantalise the taste buds of Sydney’s most discerning foodies and cocktail aficionados.

Executive chef Kruno Velican and Zeta Bar head bartender Christian Comparone have joined forces to create a series of artisanal ‘farm-to-glass’ speciality cocktails that highlight Hilton’s passion for creativity.

Zeta Bar Cocktails

Zeta Bar’s Culinary Cocktail menu takes a similar format to that of a typical dining menu, divided into Brunch, think juice jam and cornflakes, Entrée, featuring light aperitif-style cocktails, Main, showcasing full-body cocktails with savoury infusions, and Dessert, offering sweet, refreshing digestives with fruit and creamy infusions.

Guests can also craft their own experience from the a-la-carte menu, or select one of Zeta Bar’s signature two- or three-course set menus, served with individual food pairings.

Zeta Bar Cocktails

For example, the Movie Night experience brings all your favourite cinema flavours together. The two-course menu features the Pisco Pop cocktail made with popcorn syrup, Coca-Cola foam and vanilla salt and is served in a champagne flute, followed by a Coconut Grenade.

In true theatre style this creamy concoction, made with banana infused rum, coconut cream and chocolate bitter, comes served in a coconut shell with dry ice for added entertainment. As for the food paring, guests are served a vanilla and chilli choco pop ice-cream alongside the cocktails, further enhancing their cinematic experience.

Zeta Bar Cocktails

Other feature menus include; Zeta Fusion, a two-course menu featuring an intricate combination of savoury, sour and smoky flavours that bring with them the taste of a barbecue; Grandma’s Kitchen, which ignites childhood memories of Sunday roast at Grandma’s house over three-courses, and Mare Nostrum, a Mediterranean inspired three-course menu featuring a deliciously rich ‘La Carbonara cocktail’ with rye infused bacon as the main attraction.

Zeta Bar’s Culinary Cocktail Set-Menu Experience is available 7pm – 9pm Monday to Friday.


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