Made for a zombie apocalypse? Stay at the loneliest house in the world

There are times when you just want to run away and forget all your problems. We know just the place to go – the loneliest house in the world.

Pictures have emerged of a single white building perched on Ellidaey, a tiny island south of Iceland.

Youtuber Ryan Trahan made it his mission to get to the loneliest house in the world and find out why it’s there in the first place.

the loneliest house in the world on Ellidaey Island
Can you peep the small white cottage? © Canva

The trip to the island of Ellidaey is a dangerous one and is not recommended for those with no experience.

To get there you’ll need to get a ferry to an island, hop on a small boat through treacherous Icelandic waters, face severe fog and then climb the steep cliff face of Ellidaey. Simple enough right?

The trip sounds impossible but more than 11,000 people have stepped foot on the island so it can be done.

Smack bang in the middle of nowhere, getting to the island is no easy feat. © Canva

How did it get there?

Many theories and rumours try to explain the existence of the world’s loneliest house.

One rumour claims that an eccentric billionaire built it in preparation of a zombie apocalypse.

Others have suggested that the house belongs to famous Icelandic singer Bjork or to a religious hermit.

Some on social media have even claimed that the house doesn’t exist at all and the photographs have been Photoshopped.

So who put the house there in the first place? © @h0dur Instagram

The original inhabitants of the Ellidaey island reveal the truth behind the world’s loneliest house.

Flocks of puffin birds occupy the island so the Ellidaey Hunting Association built the house so they could hunt the puffins.

Turns out the world’s loneliest house isn’t as lonely as we first thought. There is an original house where bird watchers and scientists stored their gear and slept. The white cottage is an upgrade from the original.

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