World-first exhibition of Mao's Last Dancer

This Summer, never-before-seen interviews, performance footage and personal items will be revealed at The Museum of Brisbane’s exclusive exhibition: Mao’s Last Dancer the exhibition: A portrait of Li Cunxin.

Running from 1 December 2017 to 29 April 2018, the exhibition will explore Li’s inspirational story from his poverty-stricken childhood in China, the fate that took him to Madame Mao’s Beijing Dance Academy, his defection to the United States and international fame.

The exhibition will bring a new perspective to Li’s story by sharing the tales of those who have supported and danced alongside him.

“Many extraordinary people in China, the United States and Australia made my story possible,” Mr Li says.

“I continue to be inspired by their generosity and friendship and am delighted that this exhibition introduces them to Australian audiences.”

The exhibition takes Li’s story beyond the much-loved book and film and brings audiences up to date with Li’s life in Brisbane today.

It focuses on his current role as an Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet and how he has positively impacted those in and out of the dance community.

“I am delighted that Brisbane will present the world-first exhibition into the life of Mao’s Last Dancer and pay tribute to his influence as an artist, arts advocate, community leader and mentor,” Museum of Brisbane chairman Sallyanne Atkinson says.

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