World Expeditions launches Amazon Forest Appeal

Last month, the world watched in horror as news broke of the disastrous fires that had been blazing through the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Outrage spread as quickly as the blazes, with many lamenting about the consequences this had on the rest of the planet. The Amazon effectively helps to cool the earth by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It’s one of our most important weapons in the fight against climate change. Moreover, the gargantuan rainforest is home to one million Indigenous people and three million species of plants and animals.

World Expeditions launches Amazon Forest Appeal
Spider monkey in the Amazon rainforest

In response to the crisis that’s befalling the Amazon, adventure travel tour operator World Expeditions has set up a fund to help protect the forest, its Indigenous communities and wildlife. The Amazon Forest Appeal will be administered through the company’s not-for-profit arm, World Expeditions Foundation. 100 per cent of donations will be directed to Earth Alliance, a foundation backed by Leonardo DiCaprio that is working with local groups and Indigenous communities in Brazil and affected neighbouring countries.

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