Wonderland: Yellowstone in winter


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The world’s first national park inspires awe any time of the year, as any Yellowstone tour would attest. But as you’ll discover on this very special 8-day Culturious trip, visiting the national park during the winter – when bison, elk, wolves and bighorn sheep wander across snow-covered valleys, and Yellowstone’s amazing geological features are even more spectacular in the frigid air – is a whole other… and perhaps other-worldly… experience.

Exploring by snowcoach, you’ll see gurgling mud pots and steaming hot springs surrounded by frozen landscapes… waterfalls whose cataracts partially freeze into ice bridges… and geysers, like iconic Old Faithful, erupting dramatically into the cold winter air. And you’ll meet a noted naturalist and wildlife photographer who offers insights into the lives of the park’s iconic species. When filmmaker Ken Burns and his colleague Dayton Duncan started thinking of new trips on which to share their unique stories and experiences, a wintertime Yellowstone tour was a natural choice – and Tauck Culturious was a natural fit.

In Dayton’s words: “You’ve never really seen Yellowstone until you’ve been there in winter. Once a snowcoach takes you into the interior (the roads are snow-covered), you have this incredible place pretty much to yourself.” Travel with Tauck and be ready to see the sights a bit differently than you would with anyone else. Culturally immersive, active premium travel in one up front price with no hidden costs.

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