Why women’s only travel can be good for the soul

Many women crave travel that is meaningful and adventure-fuelled but their circumstances simply don’t allow for that. Enter Sisterhood Womens Travel.

The women-only tour operator connects women through the joys of travel in small, fully-escorted groups.

Their success has meant some female travellers are jet-setting without their partners (even if they don’t have to).

Exploring Positano together.

Why women’s only?

The idea for Sisterhood Womens Travel started when founder Hayley Morris bought her first travel agency in the small Victorian town of Numurkah in 2005.

The local women dreamed of travel and overseas adventures but their husbands were unable to leave the farms for long stretches at a time. The rural women found the idea of travelling solo unattractive, so they simply stayed home.

Hayley decided to bring the Numurkah women together for travel, adventure and new friendships. And Sisterhood Women’s Travel was born.

The award-winning tour company now operates both locally and globally with groups of women travelling to destinations such as Morocco, Uganda and Antarctica.

It is the only women’s tour company to have been granted an exemption to run women-only tours.

womens travel
Enjoying the Cook Islands.

A safe space to travel

Women-only tours provide a non-threatening space for women who may feel intimidated to travel on their own.

Sisterhood Womens Travel welcomes many first-timer travellers, many of whom have been recently divorced, widowed or their partners have other obligations.

The community has extended beyond women who can’t travel with their partners, and now includes women who can but simply choose not to.

Womens-only travel offers meaningful connection, adventure and emotional support that you can’t find on other tours.

You connect with like-minded people who encourage you and continue those connections beyond the tour.

Mother-daughter duos, friends, colleagues and solo-travellers are among the new generation of Sisterhood Womens Travellers.

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Diversifying through COVID-19

2020 and 2021 have been tough years for the travel industry. But Sisterhood Womens Travel has turned its focus to Australia while the borders remain closed.

The tour company is has created several incredible domestic tours such as the ‘Victorian Silo Art, Salt, Sunsets & River Ports‘.

Mini breaks have proved to be extremely popular. These trips take between two to five days and allow women to get away, without too big a commitment. The ‘French Inspired Tassie Getaway‘ for example is a spontaneous and fun weekend escape to the Apple Isle.

Fancy a trip to Tassie anyone? Image: Canva

COVID also brought about the latest addition ‘Rosa’ – an 18-seater pink tour bus.

Rosa will be busy making her way around Victoria doing winery tours, overnight stays and visits to the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Perhaps the best thing about Sisterhood Womens Travel is the fact that it’s all done for you. No organising. Just pack your bags and go. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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