The ULTIMATE packing list: 10 travel essentials for women

If you think packing your bag is the worst pre-trip job you’re wrong. It’s putting together a list of travel essentials.

Here at Vacations & Travel we’re an almost-all female team.

As women working in travel publishing we know a thing or two about which travel essentials are worth it and which aren’t.

Nidra Hair Saver Scrunchies

travel essentials
A ‘Hair Saver’ and a lifesaver © Nidra

Travelling means moving around – a lot. From airports to beaches and fancy restaurants.

This ‘Hair Saver Scrunchie’ is also a lifesaver because it means you can tie back styled hair without leaving a dent in it.

“My hair always gets tangled around hair ties, especially on long trips but my hair slips right out of the scrunchie,” says Digital Manager Lisa.

What we love most about this travel essential is that it’s ethically-made. Manufacturers use Ahimsa silk which doesn’t harm the silkworm, unlike conventional silk.

Nidra Face Saver Case Silk Pillowcases

Sleep easy on a Nidra silk pillowcase © Nidra

Made from 100 per cent Organic Ahimsa (Peace) Silk, these pillowcases make you feel like you’re sleeping at home even if you’re abroad.

They are a great way to make sure you’re sleeping on clean bedding and prevent your face from unwanted breakouts.

Plus they are dyed GOTS certified dyes in six different colours to match any sleepy space.

Our Digital Manager Lisa says this travel essential is super streamline to pack because of the silk material.

Globite Travel Powerbank

© Globite

Your phone is everything when it comes to travelling. It’s your passport, your boarding pass, your maps and your camera.

All of that is useless if your phone is DEAD.

Our Production Coordinator Lilly learnt that the hard way. Which is why this power bank is on her travel essentials list. It gives her an extra full charge for her phone or USB device.

“The battery life on my phone was awful, so this little item brought me peace of mind that I’d be able to last an entire day with my phone,” she says.

Boltune Noise-cancelling IPX7 in-ear headphones

travel essentials
© Amazon

These noise-cancelling headphones are very worthy of being on our travel essentials list.

They are fully waterproof – so you can laze about the pool without worrying about damaging them. The battery will last 16 hours on a single two-hour charge.

At $50 they’re much more affordable than other noise-cancelling headphones on the market and they’re also much more compact than their bulkier competitors.

Associate Publisher Cara downloads all the episodes of her favourite podcasts so she can listen to them offline on a flight or long road trip.

Ladybuds Sleeping Earplugs

travel essentials
Zone out thanks to Ladybugs © otifleks

In the same noise-cancelling vein our Digital Editor Alison can’t travel without ear plugs – and they have to be good ones.

“I need earplugs so I can block out my family if I have to be in the same room as them,” she says.

We hear you Alison. Well actually we don’t – that’s because we’re wearing Ladybugs Sleeping Earplugs.

Made especially for women with the softest material available on the market, the earplugs come in three sizes for the perfect fit.

These travel essentials will save you from plane noises that triggers flight phobia and non-stop nightlife when you’ve booked a stay a little too close to the city centre.

Smitten Merino Wrap

travel essentials
Look the part when travelling © Smitten Merino

Who says you can’t travel in style? Group Editor Cathy doesn’t fly without her ultimate travel accessory.

The Tasmanian-made wraps are luxurious, oversized, light and can be worn in many ways. I really don’t think we need more reasons to justify it being on our travel essentials list.

But in case you do here’s one more – they are super versatile. Wear it as a wrap, scarf, leg blanket, head wrap, or even a top.

The range comes in a number of patterns and colours to brighten up any holiday fit.

Kathmandu Packing Cubes

travel essentials
© Kathmandu

Keep your jocks, socks, clothes and laundry seperate with packing cubes – the ultimate of our travel essentials.

Our General Manager Tina swears that they’re a travel-must especially on trips with multiple stops.

“No more unpack, re-pack, repeat, nor crumpled clothes where you’ve stuffed things back in…bonus is that you can fit more in your suitcase,” she says.

The Kathmandu range are where affordable and durable meet. Plus they’re clear so you can see what’s in each cube without having to pull apart your whole suitcase.

Ultra Violette Queen Screen Skinscreen

travel essentials
This is a sunscreen disguised as a serum © @ultravioletteau

There’s a common misconception that you only need sunscreen on sunny days. The truth is an overcast day can do just as much damage to your skin.

That’s why Ultra Violette Queen Screen made our travel essentials list. Don’t just pack this one for your tropical vacations.

“It’s a must. Everyday. No matter where,” says our Digital Content Manager Samantha. If her review wasn’t enough, this product was seconded by Tina.

The sunscreen is SPF 50+ but applies like a serum, so it will leave your skin looking arrogantly luminous.

Silk Sleep Mask

© Canva

Okay, we’ve mentioned silk a few times in this list, but that’s just a testament to how amazing it is.

Staff writer and editor Natarsha is another silk fanatic. Her favourite is a silk sleep mask for a very obvious ‘do not disturb’ sign.

“They have moisturising properties to stop your skin from drying out around your eyes, so you are refreshed when you arrive,” she says.

Another beauty bonus is that they combat dark circles. Consider it already added to my basket.

Disposable camera

travel essentials
© Canva

It might sound cliche but travel is after all about making memories. Too often we get caught up in getting the most ‘Insta-worthy’ snap.

That’s why my travel essential is a disposable camera. There’s just something exhilarating about snapping a photo and not being able to see it immediately.

Your photos will be more authentic and ‘in the moment’.

You will more than likely have to develop the photos when you’re home. The built-up excitement of finally seeing week- if not month-old photos lets you relive your holiday joy all over again.

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