Buy your very own slice of Sydney’s new surf park and resort

Sydney’s surfing scene is getting a major upgrade. Wisemans Surf Lodge – Australia’s first premium resort-style surf lodge- will launch to the public in 2022.

The 45-acre surf lodge will sit on on the banks of the Hawkesbury River and among the tranquil bushland of Dharug National Park.

Co-founder John Du Vernet describes it as “a ski resort for surfers.”

The best part of it all is that you can buy your own piece of paradise.

wisemans surf lodge

The first-of-its-kind surf lodge’s biggest drawcard is its wave pool. The green-powered pool is about the size of four football fields.

It’s operated by Surfloch technology which pushes out 2.5-metre waves every 10 to 12 seconds (you’ll never have to wait long for a turn).

“Sydney surfers don’t get access to consistent, high-quality waves all year round,” Du Vernet says.

But Wisemans Surf Lodge guarantees surfers the perfect wave every time.

The waves are customisable depending on your ability. There are waves suitable for beginners, intermediate-level and pro surfers.

“We’ve heard hundreds of stories of parents telling us they wish they could surf more. They just don’t have the time to wait around for the conditions to be right.”

“But in a controlled environment like ours, mum and dad can go for a surf and introduce the kids to waves. They’re guaranteed the right number of waves and the right environment and they will progress really quickly.”

The experience at Wisemans Surf Lodge goes well beyond the pool.

The property features a 9-hole golf course, 54 hotel suites, an eatery, bar, wellness centre and clubhouse. All with riverfront access.

“We’ve created a resort-like space in classic Australiana bush with the best facilities so it appeals to surfers and non-surfers alike,” Du Vernet says.

A new kind of Aussie holiday home

Wisemans Surf Lodge’s co-investment opportunities give families another answer to the Australian dream of owning a holiday home.

“With a holiday home you still have to worry about the maintenance and the upkeep, with this type of investment it’s all done for you,” Du Vernet says.

With investments starting from $30,000, investors can expect a 6.15 to 6.7 per cent annual yield and six-monthly income distributions.

Plus investors get an exclusive offer to the lodge’s annual membership which gives you access to all the resort facilities.

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