Windstar Cruises announces cruise on world’s largest sailing ship

Wind Surf, Mediterranean, cruise

Windstar Cruises has announced a 51-day Grand Mediterranean adventure for 310 passengers on MSY Wind Surf, commencing 7 July 2019 from Europe’s westernmost port of Lisbon, Portugal.

Key regions visited on this cruise include the French and Italian Rivieras, the islands of Spain, and the islands and coastal ports of the Adriatic and Aegean Seas.

“An incredible cruise like our 51-day Grand Mediterranean cruise on a sailing ship is exactly what people who love to travel live for,” Windstar president John Delaney says.

“Guests will be totally immersed in the region sailing on her for two months, with more than 40 ports of call to share authentic experiences and adventures.”

Wind Surf, cruise, Mediterranean

The two-month cruise will combine six cruise itineraries of seven-10 days in length to create an incredible journey across the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean voyage will include stops at popular ports and harbours in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Malta and Italy, as well as Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey.

It will then turn back for more exciting destinations in Monaco and France before landing in Barcelona on 27 August 2019.

Windstar’s curated shore excursions allow guests to explore each destination’s unique culture and food, with amazing experiences like tours to Picasso’s Museum in Málaga, ocean kayaking in Palma de Mallorca, and pesto-making lessons in Portofino.

Wind Surf, cruise, Mediterranean

“That is the magic of cruising with Windstar – we’re 180 degrees from ordinary, no matter where we sail and this Grand Mediterranean journey represents the best of the best, chock-full of culture, cuisine and camaraderie.”


Sailing across the majestic Mediterranean, Wind Surf is the world’s largest sailing ship; 188 metres in length with 2,497 square metres of new sails.

The ship’s Captain will introduce present-day explorers to Windstar’s unique Open Bridge, sharing nautical charts and marine weather reports, while those who like a bit more physical activity can enjoy ship’s complimentary stand-up paddle boards and water skis when the ship is anchored, thanks to its. innovative Water Sports Platform.

Wind Surf, yacht, Mediterranean, cruise

In 2019, Wind Surf will offer 44 cruises visiting European ports from April to November, including the Grand Mediterranean voyage, with all itineraries now open for reservations.

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