Why Air New Zealand is the Sleep King

Jetsetters get ready! Say ‘Kia Ora’ to Air New Zealand’s brand new bed-in-the-sky.

Adding to New Zealand’s already cool ways to accommodate, Air New Zealand has designed two new fleets with comfort, sleep and space in mind. With sleeping pods, a pantry, a couch, and stretch seats, Air New Zealand is changing the Economy Cabin game.

They’ve uncramped your style by adding more space, and more flying options. They’ve also upgraded their tech. With a 50% bigger screen and Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair your device. Plus, they’ve added a few extra delights to the cabin to take comfort to the next level.

Air New Zealand Skynest, sleep pods
Air New Zealand, Skynest

It’s no longer just Economy

Air New Zealand sleep pods will be inclusive on the ultra-long-haul aircraft. Six Skynest sleep pods have been designed so you can swap the headrest for some bed rest. While the booking process is still to be finalised, flyers can have the opportunity to get up to 4 hours of shut-eye in these new resting pods. It’s the first of its kind and it’s sure to be an absolute game-changer for economy travellers.

Snack, slumber or stretch

Air New Zealand has also added some funky fresh elements such as a pantry and a couch. Economy flyers will be able to stand up, stretch, grab a snack from the pantry, and lounge, all in the luxury of the Economy Cabin.

Air New Zealand Business Premier Luxe, two people dining at table
Air New Zealand, Business Premier Luxe

They really mean Business

Meanwhile, in Business class, Premier Luxe will feature improved seating designed for those seeking privacy and space on their aerial commute. While it still contains all the features of Business Premier, it has a fully closing door and enough space for two to dine.

Or, if you’re travelling in two, Business Premier will feature a middle row to allow you to open your ‘nest’ and share your flight experience with your companion.

Be prepared for take-off. Eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and a retrofitted current 787-9 fleet are due to take flight from 2024.

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