When hiking meets wining and dining

Switzerland, as we know, is famous for its picturesque scenery and unbeatable outdoor activities. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world descend into this alpine country to get their fix of the pristine, raw and untouched nature we have all come to love.

Adrenaline seekers and hard-core mountain climbers aside, there is a growing niche of hikers embarking on easy-going culinary walks, where their worked-up appetites are handsomely rewarded with delicious local delights at the end of their trail. Here are four foodie hikes you shouldn’t miss!


An easy two-hour hike from Moléson-Village to Pringy through the picture-book-perfect countryside peppered with authentic alpine huts and lush forests, there are two hiking alternatives to choose from. One hike takes you through les Reybes, and the other through la Provêta. Beginning at the cheese-dairy Fromagerie d’alpage de Moléson-Village, the route will lead you to Pringy before reaching Maison du Gruyère. Along the way, you will gain some insight into the secrets of cheese making in this region.

Swiss Rhine Gorge

Well-known for its top-class cuisine and spectacular landscapes, a hike around the Swiss Rhine Gorge, aka the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Switzerland, will take around three hours.

Starting at the sports centre Prau la Selva in Laax, you will stroll past Lake Tuleritg before reaching the slightly lower lying Lake Cauma and wander through the enchanting mountain forests of Flims-Laax-Falera. The midway point of this return journey is Conn, where the Restaurant Conn will serve up local delicacies such as the speciality of the house, the Trinser Birnenravioli (Trins pear ravioli).

Lavaux Wine Route

With 97 restaurants selected by Gault&Millau, representing a combined 1365 points and 17 Michelin stars, the Lake Geneva Region is the capital of Swiss Gastronomy and the most reputed table arts regions worldwide.

What we recommend is the Swiss Wine Route along the UNESCO listed Lavaux Vineyard Terraces. From start to finish, you will meander through the medieval narrow alleys and characteristic winegrowers’ houses dating back to 16th century, while indulging in the wide range of locals drops and bites. This is also where the highly anticipated Fête de Vignerons (a traditional festival that not only celebrates winemaking, but also raises awareness of the Lavaux and Chablais Vaudois regions) will take place in 2019, after 20 years.

Chestnut Path in Lugano

If you enjoy strolls through thick woods, then this five-hour return hike in Arosio is for you. This easy-graded walk will take you through the gently curving, densely overgrown hilly landscape from Lake Lugano to Monte Lema.

Visitors will love the magnificent ancient chestnut groves rising from a yellow-brown carpet of ferns and the beautiful views of Malcantone and beyond, stretching across to the Gradiccioli range and to the villages of Mugena, Vezio and Fescoggia.


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