Western Australia’s Most Unique Getaway

One of Australia’s newest and most remote five-star coastal lodges, The Berkeley River Lodge in the Kimberley region is one of the country’s most spectacular and beautiful retreats. Inaccessible by road, the unique luxury venue is accessible only by air allowing visitors to leave the modern world far behind as they immerse themselves in the ancient wonders of the Kimberley region.

With 20 stunning luxury villas, guests will enjoy five-star discreet service with all-inclusive packages including return scenic transfers, accommodation, gourmet meals, beverages and guest activities. Only moments from secluded white beaches, Berkeley River Lodge’s other activities include epic fishing expeditions, cruises along the majestic Berkeley River, swimming in the crystal clear pools of nearby waterfalls and wilderness picnics, or take in majestic Kimberley views by helicopter.


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