Man behind ‘Welcome to Perth’ prank reveals how expensive the sign really was

The jokester behind the ‘Welcome to Perth’ prank says it was worth every cent of the $4500 it cost him.

Brad Heasman, the owner of Heasman Steering painted “Welcome to Perth” on the roof of his business that sits along the Sydney Airport flight path.

The prank scared fliers arriving in Sydney into thinking they were flying into the wrong city.

A passenger landing over Sydney Airport spotted the prank and shared it on Reddit.

Brad Heasman has been waiting patiently for someone to notice his artwork. He painted the roof of his building three months ago.

Heasman used a special reflective glow paint so the sign reflects nicely at night time. That’s why the prank was such a pricey undertaking.

Speaking to Sunrise, Heasman said he hoped the sign would give people “a bit of a flight and a laugh”.

And it seems it has. The post has since gone viral and Reddit users have responded to the original post with approval.

“This has tickled the funny bone,” commented one user.

“I am exactly the type of person that would finally manage to get five minutes of sleep just before landing, wake up to this dazed and confused and freak out. Bravo,” said another.

Why the ‘Welcome to Perth’ prank is a bit familiar…

Others identified that the “Welcome to Perth” prank was the Aussie version of the “Welcome to Clevland” sign.

In 1978 photographer Mark Gubin painted ‘Welcome to Clevland’ on the roof of his building near Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport.

Gubin even received a letter from then-City Council President Ben E. Johnson. Johnson informed him that the sign was causing ‘outrage and panic’ for some passengers.

welcome to perth prank
The Welcome to Perth prank was inspired by this sign painted on a Milwaukee building

But the success of his tongue-in-cheek prank means it’s remained a tourist attraction of sorts more than 40 years later.

Brad Heasman hopes his ‘Welcome to Perth’ prank does the same in Australia.

But for now, he says he always a giggle to himself every time he sees a plane go over.

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