Walking tours for women to explore and connect

GirlsTrek is an Australian travel company dedicated to empowering women through immersive walking tours.

Founded by Frith Hudson Graham on the belief in the transformative power of travel, her company curates unique experiences that blend adventure, culture, and community for women of all ages and backgrounds.

With a focus on promoting wellness, self-discovery, and connection, GirlsTrek designs meticulously crafted walking tours across various destinations in Australia and overseas. These tours cater specifically to women, fostering a supportive environment where participants can explore the beauty of nature, engage with diverse cultures, and form meaningful connections with fellow travellers. Here, Frith shares her top reasons why women walk.

Reconnect with your youthfulness

The very essence of ‘explorers’ curiosity’ is a youthful and openminded thirst for a genuine sense of excitement and discovery. Childlike qualities we often forget to seek out in our adult lives. Embracing personal adventure with other women, collectively seeking the same joy with openminded curiosity, is completely transformative. Memories are shared, relationships are deepened, and perspectives are cracked wide open. The youthful energy rises and thrives off a community of people thinking and feeling the same thoughts and emotions that come with personal adventure. 

Embrace personal adventure on a walking tour for women © Pat Whelen

Bringing it back to basics… with a bit of luxury

Walking provides an opportunity for mindfulness. The hurried, harried mind can find respite in the simplicity of one foot in front of the other. At GirlsTrek, we define luxury as that moment after a great day in nature when you return to your lodgings for some well-deserved rest. The moment you slide into a comfortable bed after a hot shower and a nutritious meal prepared with love, preferably after a glass of wine. You have moved, fuelled, and nourished your body and mind, and now you deserve the ultimate rest. There is nowhere else to be and no tasks to complete. These are the basics, and that’s how we define luxury. 

Connection to community

What sets GirlsTrek apart is its emphasis on fostering community among women. The tours provide a platform for participants to share their stories, challenges, and triumphs. Creating a supportive network that extends beyond the duration of the trip. Through group discussions, activities, and shared adventures, women are encouraged to celebrate their strengths and embrace their individuality. For a GirlsTrekker, walking with other women is a way to meaningfully connect and share knowledge, understanding and stories. The rhythm of walking is conducive to easy and free-flowing back-and-forth conversation about anything and everything.

Walking with other women is a way to connect © GirlsTrek (L) Pat Whelen (R)

Enforcing the ‘why’

GirlsTrek is all about enforcing the ‘why’ when we consider women’s personal adventuring so that we can help women truly find the joy of life with others. Travelling through Australia or to overseas destinations it’s all about sharing memories and forging new friendships. In our hearts, we are all explorers, conquerors, and leaders. 

Experience a GirlsTrek with trips like Mornington Peninsula Culinary Journey, Barossa Valley Walking and Wine, or a GirlsTrek adventure to Mount Kosciuszko. Or follow your sense of adventure further afield with trips throughout Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, New Caledonia, the UK, Tanzania, and Mongolia. More information at www.girlstrek.com.au or call 1300 360 184.

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