Walk Japan’s winter wonderlands

Walk Japan is offering a number of new and exciting itineraries for this coming northern Autumn / Winter (September 2018 – February 2019), featuring a range of immersive experiences as varied as Japan’s landscapes.

The tours focus on discovering, understanding and appreciating the beautiful landscape and culture of Japan while walking through the country’s ancient lands as they turn with autumn’s colours before being blanketed with freshly falling snow.

By embarking on a Walk Japan tour, travellers will explore terrain and rural areas of Japan that traditional tours and most tourists don’t reach. It doesn’t get much better than strolling through small traditional communities at a pleasurable pace and ending your daily meander with a night in traditional Japanese inns or ryokans, eating and bathing in an onsen like a local.

It is the perfect time to experience the regions of Japan’s four largest islands that are not often traversed by travellers.

The newest addition to the extensive range of tours, embarking this November, is the 10-day Inland See Odyssey. This tour focuses on exploring old and new cultures and traditions, of which Japan is uniquely rich in both.

Exploring the Seto Inland Sea region, walkers will discover sleepy island communities as well as recent Japanese history with the exploration of Japan’s greatest 20th and 21st century architects, artists and film directors, including Kenzo Tange, Yukinori Yanagi, and Akira Kurosawa. Traditional elements and some of Japan’s greatest ancient landmarks are also featured on the itinerary including the striking Himjei Castle. Accompanied by stunning sunsets and charming towns, its sure to be a walk to remember.

If ancient trails and forested valleys are more your thing, the nine-day Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage could well be your tour of choice. Winding walkways, hidden valleys and secret waterfalls are the backdrop to this tour that explores 1000 years of Buddhist history, including the origins of the religion itself.

The Oita Hot Spring Trail is another unmissable walk. Six days of walking and exploring the region with the highest concentration of hot springs in the country could be nothing short of pure bliss. Travellers will become well versed in the specific and intriguing culture of bathing as well as experiencing the ancient culture, delicious food and relaxed people of the Oita prefecture.

The seven-day Snow Country Trek offers an exciting and exclusive experience to discover terrain only accessible with snowshoes. With one of the main highlights being a night walk through a beech forest, the walk is sure to be exciting from one deep valley village to the next.

There is an abundance of seasonal walks available on the Walk Japan website year round. Each walk is graded, allowing walkers to choose their ideal level of holiday exertion, with tour sizes kept to a maximum of 12 and led by an informed and enthusiastic guide.


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