Diving your vibe? One of the best places to jump right in

Wakatobi is a tropical island dream, but it’s what lies beyond the water’s edge that draws travellers from around the world to this dive resort on a small Indonesian island.

Wakatobi Resort is located in Indonesia’s Southeast Sulawesi, in the heart of the Coral Triangle, known as the oceanic epicentre for coral reef biodiversity. It also sits within a privately funded marine reserve home to thousands of species of colourful and unique marine life.

On this pristine island you’ll have access to some of the world’s best reefs and the only sounds you’re likely to hear are those of water lapping the shore, and the murmur of guests sharing their latest underwater adventure.

A green turtle off the beach at Wakatobi dive resort.
A green turtle off the beach at Wakatobi dive resort. Credit: Steve Miller

The world beneath

With exclusive access to the pristine reefs and no other divers for more than 150 kilometres, it’s no wonder Wakatobi is at the top of so many divers’ wish lists.

But a stay here isn’t just for dedicated dive travellers. Wakatobi Resort blends five-star comfort with aquatic adventures and is as appealing to seasoned divers as it is to snorkellers and young families.

The resort’s House Reef has a vast plateau of shallow coral gardens extending 80 metres. It then plunges into the depths in a series of slopes and walls covered in carpets of sponges and sea fans.

And diving after dark unveils a whole new cast of characters that often hide or sleep during daylight hours – crabs, lobsters and shrimp, octopi, bobtail squid and cuttlefish.

Snorkelling on the house reef, just metres from the beach at Wakatobi Resort

Much more than a dive resort

The resort maintains a fleet of small taxi boats to ferry divers to more distant areas of the reef for an easy drift back to the resort jetty.

There are also spacious day boats that make daily trips to dozens of the reserve’s other underwater attractions – sheer underwater cliffs, bright corals swarming with reef fish, and quiet bays home to rare marine life.

Back on shore, relax in your traditional – style bungalow or oceanfront villa (with plunge pool and garden shower); enjoy a meal at the beach restaurant or cocktail at the jetty bar; take an Indonesian cooking class or treat yourself to a massage.

Before you start feeling guilty about all this feel-good indulgence, you can rest easy knowing your stay helps both the reefs and the local community. Guest revenue funds the resort’s landmark conservation program and provides local communities with direct payments and a wide range of social programs in exchange for honouring no-take fishing zones.

It is this win-win scenario that has made Wakatobi not only a favourite with divers and snorkelers from around the world, but also a ground-breaking example for community-based conservation initiatives.

More at wakatobi.com

Relax in your luxe room at this stunning dive resort
Relax in your luxe room at this stunning dive resort

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