We’re loco for VOCO: is this hard seltzer the ultimate premixed drink?

It’s no secret that ready-to-drink beverages like hard seltzer are the fastest growing alcohol category in the market.

As our thirst for convenience soars, so too does the evolution of premixed cocktails.

Enter VOCO.

This unique hard seltzer mixes up premium vodka and coconut water, along with soda water and natural fruit flavours. The result is a refreshing and delicious drink reminiscent of those that people living in the tropics actually drink.

That is, alcohol infused with that nutty, hydrating liquid hacked from the fibrous outer husk of green coconuts. 

While whole coconuts can be hard to find outside of the tropics, VOCO has done the hard work for you.

As a mixer, coconut water is unlike anything else. It’s not too sweet, fruity, juicy or fizzy, but instead offers a flavour that is subtle and smooth. Mixed with spirits, it has a pleasant way of disappearing into the blend, stretching and smoothing out the flavour without overtaking your tastebuds.

And let’s face it – you’ll need all those extra electrolytes tomorrow.

A convienient and natural refreshment

VOCO is crafted with all natural ingredients, and is also the first hard seltzer to combine pure coconut water with vodka.

These refreshing and convenient cocktails will transport you to a tropical isle with each sip and are available in four delicious fruity flavours: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Lime and Mango. 

lime flavoured hard seltzer by VOCO
Sip VOCO’s range of fun and fruity hard seltzers

The range is best enjoyed poolside, or lounging in the sun. And with just two grams of sugar per can and 4.9% alcohol by volume, they’re the perfect drink for any occasion.

The hard seltzer range is launching exclusively on Bevmart, where you can buy a 12 pack of 250mL cans for just $65.

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