Inside Vladimir Putin’s insane $716M private jet the ‘Flying Kremlin’

Nope, this isn’t the inside of a luxury hotel. This is the private jet President Vladimir Putin flies to get from A to B.

The $716 million jet, known as ‘Flying Kremlin’, comes complete with a spacious office, king bedroom and a gold-plated toilet.

On top of that, the jet features a meeting room, a bar stocked with top-shelf whiskeys and a gym room with treadmills, weightlifting sets and a boxing bag for workouts before landing.

You may think that the luxury is excessive but in the President’s defence, he does spend A LOT of time on the jet.

He is reported to have clocked up more air miles in high office than all other Russian leaders put together.

Be assured Vladimir Putin is getting places fast with his jet able to reach speeds of up to 900 km/hr.

Ilyushin Il-96-300PU is a four-jet, long-range airliner. Designed by the Soviet Union it flew its maiden voyage in 1986 and went into service in 1993.

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For security, Putin flies with three additional private jets identical to this one.

All four aircraft are prepared but the specific plane to be flown by Putin isn’t known until takeoff.

After takeoff either one or all three extra planes follow the President as the reserve aircraft.

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