Visit Atlantis


The Kennedy Space Center in Florida has exhibits that are out of this world, in more ways than one. The newest star in Kennedy’s crown is Atlantis, featuring the Atlantis Space Shuttle that changed the face of space travel, by launching like a rocket, flying in orbit like a spacecraft and landing back on Earth like a glider. Visitors step into an entry vestibule to watch a high tech video on the planning, design and making of Atlantis, leading up to the moment it blasted off on its first mission. Then the doors open to reveal the shuttle itself, its nose and exterior still showing the burn marks and scars from its missions. You can even join a tour of Atlantis, given by an astronaut that travelled in it.

But getting nose-to-nose with Atlantis is not all guests can do at this $100 million attraction. The immersive experience invites guests to ‘be the astronaut’ with never-before-seen, technologically sophisticated multimedia presentations and more than 60 interactive, touch-screen experiences and high-tech simulators. Do a full-day tour and also visit the Apollo/Saturn V Center with an actual Saturn V moon rocket, the launch pads and the Vehicle Assembly Building.

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