Virtuoso's top Valentine's picks for single travellers

Solo travel is becoming more popular, with the 2018 Virtuoso Luxe Report revealing that two-thirds of the luxury travel network’s advisors foresee growth in solo travel this year.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, leading global luxury travel network Virtuoso has compiled a list of their top travel picks especially for single travellers.


Enjoy a Valentine’s dinner at the world’s smallest restaurant Solo per Due in central Italy, which has only one table. The waiter appears when the guest rings a silver bell and serves Italian specialities.


Visitors can join legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd by recording a masterpiece at the renowned Abbey Road Studios. Perfect for any ability, sound engineers, musical directors and musicians will be there to support your singing.

United States

Roam through 5,000 years of art history at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before it opens for the day to skip the crowds. An expert guide will comment on all artwork from the incredible Egyptian Temple of Dendur to van Gogh’s self-portrait.

New Zealand

Spend Valentine’s Day going on a private behind-the-scenes tour of the ground-breaking design studio Wellington’s Weta Workshop. This will include famous props and models from Middle Earth and Avatar’s Pandora; even its five Oscar statuettes.


Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Japan’s famed ninjas by visiting the ninjutsu yashiki ‘house of ninja techniques’, in the Shiga Prefecture, home to the famous Koka Ninja. Built during the Edo period (1603 – 1868), this is the last true house of ninja remaining in Japan, with gear and weapons actually used by Koka Ninja on display. Experience the intellect and crafty skills of ninja by visiting the Ninja Village where you can learn all the stealth techniques in a ninja training session.


To enjoy Valentine’s Day in Paris, single travellers deserve to spoil themselves shopping at the finest boutiques with a fashion expert while discovering designers and new trends. For the ultimate retail therapy, the city’s famous winter sales are now on until 20 February, so you can shop ’til you drop while scooping up some great designer finds at a bargain!


For an experience in the wilderness, walk in Charles Darwin’s legendary footsteps through the Blue Mountains to explore the landscapes that inspired him, while being guided by his great-great-grandson Chris.


For an artistic day, take a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River to a local artists’ village where you will find Baan Silapin, also known as Bangkok’s Artist House. This beautiful Manila-style building serves as an art gallery, with the ground floor housing a space for creating artworks and ornaments. Learning the traditional craft of ornament making on Sundays, purchase a unique souvenir, watch the puppet show dance, and enjoy a coffee by the river while observing the locals in their everyday life.

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