This private luxury Queensland island has a bargain price tag

The owners of a private Queensland island are selling their slice of paradise for less than the price of a Sydney home.

Victor Island is a 3.13ha of off-grid private paradise off the coast of Hay Point south of Mackay.

It includes a renovated four-bedroom home, caretakers cottage, a desalination plant and a solar farm with a backup generator.

The Beach House can accommodate up to eight guests and it has NBN, 4G Wifi and satellite television.

The island is surrounded by Victor Reef, which is home to turtles, dolphins, coral and thousands of species of tropical fish.

If you tire of swimming in the ocean, the Island also has a swim spa.

According to, the home can either be used as a private residence or a bed and breakfast (licence in place).

One night accommodation on Victor Island is normally priced at $1750.

But the whole island could be yours forever.

And the price tag for this rare slice of paradise?

A cool $3.95 million.

That’s not bad when you consider the price of real estate in Sydney.

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