Vespertine, LA

Vespertine, in California’s Culver City, is a vision brought to life by acclaimed LA chef Jordan Kahn.

Taking inspiration from the building in which it resides, designed by renowned visionary architect Eric Owen Moss, this design-driven project is the convergence of food, art, architecture, and sculpture, all coming together to create an immersive, multi-sensory gastronomical experience, which is somewhat futuristic and other-worldly.


Considered LA’s most avant-garde new dining experience, here in this high-concept, 22-seat restaurant, the creation of food – and eating it – is considered an artform, designed to turn what you’d expect from a restaurant on its head.

Rest assured this is no ordinary restaurant: the dishes are so abstract and beautifully constructed that it’s difficult to decipher what they are.

The menu is an 18+-course degustation journey where you can expect to encounter shapes, colours and textures that seem to have been imported from another planet. And while the trend of locally sourced ingredients continues to dominate the international restaurant scene, Kahn has proudly said that the food at Vespertine “comes from a place that doesn’t exist.”

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