Venice confirms day tripper tax from 2023

Venice officials has announced a new requirement for day trippers who must make a reservation and pay a fee to enter the city from 16 January 2023.

The picturesque canal city is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. However, as of next year, day trippers will have to pay 3 to 10 euros ($4.60 to $15.30) per person depending on an advance booking system – and is a requirement for travel any time of year. 

Once booking is complete, a QR code will be issued and must be presented when asked. 

With around 19 million people visiting Venice each year (at its peak in 2019), it’s no surprise that the pressures of over tourism have taken a toll on the city council and local residents. 

In fact, a new hotel tax was implemented in 2020 – one that still remains and is factored into your hotel fee.

Venice tourist tax

What is the purpose of the tourist tax?

According to Simone Venturini, Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Economic Development, the purpose of the tax is to contribute to the upkeep of the lagoon city and popular Venetian islands. Also, to deter day trippers and encourage visitors to stay longer.

Its aim is to  “find this balance between (Venetian) resident and long-term and short-term” visitors”, says Venturini. Namely for travellers to stay, and spend, a little longer exploring the city and its magical lagoons.

Currently 80% of  visitors to Venice are day trippers who provide a fraction of the revenue compared to those staying longer for at least one night.

venice tax
Grand Canal

Who has to pay?

The tax will apply to all day trippers whether they arrive by boat, coach, cruise ship, water taxi, plane or train. Visitors who stay a night or more in official accommodation are already required to pay the local city tax at their hotel. Meaning, they don’t have to pay the new access fee.

Individuals exempt from the tax are resident Venetians or those visiting the city for study or work. Also, children younger than 6, people with disabilities and those owning vacation apartments in Venice, provided they can show proof they pay real estate taxes. Therefore, staying in an Air BnB, at this stage at least, does not make you exempt.

Looking to sneak in? Be warned. Penalties for those who fail to register and pay risk fines up to 300 euros ($460). And worst case, could face criminal penalties.

Venice is the first city in the world to charge traveller to visit. So, plan ahead. The exact method of registering is still to be announced. So, stay tuned to Vacations & Travel for new announcements.

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