The unwritten rules you need to know before going on a cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruises have released a list of unwritten cruise rules as they prepare for a return to cruising post-covid.

The cruise rules cover everything from buffet lines to elevators and “chair hogs”.

Most fall into the category of common sense or just being courteous. But some may surprise you.

Take a look at the top 9 unwritten cruise rules below.

1. Don’t cut the buffet line

It’s simple. Just wait your turn. Even when there aren’t distinct lines and entry points, be courteous and make sure those who were there before you are served first.

Also, if you go back to the buffet for seconds or thirds, or fourths – don’t reuse plates, get a new one.

And make sure you leave some of the food for other people waiting in line.


2. Don’t use your hands to pick up food

There are tongs for a reason, not only is it bad manners but it’s putting the health of others at risk. Germs can spread easily from hands to food surfaces so be hygenic especially in communal spaces.


3. Don’t be a “chair hog”

Don’t save chairs indefinitely. Fair enough if you’re saving it for a friend who has just ducked out to the loo, but don’t be the guy who holds a seat just to put their bag on.


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4. Control your noise level

Don’t forget you share a wall with your cruise room neighbour, so whether your watching television, yelling at your kids or ‘frolicking’ with your partner just try and keep it down. This rule applies to balconies too.


5. Be sure to tip the crew staff

Even if you’re an Aussie and tipping isn’t customary, don’t forget many of the workers are international and rely on tips.

Some cruises will add an automatic gratuity to your onboard account. If yours doesn’t staff will still appreciate the gesture.


6. Be punctual with shore excursions

Don’t just be punctual, be early.

A whole busload of people are waiting to go on the same excursion.

And make sure you return to the meeting spot on time to return to the cruise too.


7. Remember elevator etiquette

This cruise rule should be applied to life in general.

Remember to let people in the lift out first. It’s courteous and speeds up the process.


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8. Be kind to the crew

The crew that work on the ship are there to help.

Follow their directions and thank them for the little things they do. If you have a friendly chat you will make your cruise and their job more enjoyable.


9. Don’t curse onboard

Be mindful of what you say in front of others.

Avoid the use of profanity or inappropriate comments, especially in front of children. 


If you still need help with the unwritten cruise rules, watch Royal Carribean’s YouTube video below:

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