UNESCO recognises Macao's gastronomy

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Macao’s dedication to food and the role it plays in developing tourism has been rewarded, with UNESCO announcing Macao in its elite cities list for gastronomy last week.

This is sure to arouse interest among young generations who are interested in the Macanese culture, said to be the world’s earliest form of fusion food.

“Such endorsement will also provide a favourable platform for food traditions to continuously thrive,” Macao Government Tourism Office Australia and New Zealand general manager Helen Wong says.

“This is exciting news for Macao and its cultural importance to gastronomy, and to everyone involved in the creation of the many mouth-watering menus and dining options offered throughout the former Portuguese enclave.”

African chicken, Macao, culinary, gastronomy

Macao’s inclusion as a member city of UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy will help preserve Macao’s cultural identity, while promoting sustainable development and increasing its international cooperation.

As for creativity, Macao is expected to attract gastronomy stakeholders and agents in other creative sectors to explore how culinary and other cultural aspects can fuse to diversify the economy.

This will broaden creativity of gastronomy and enable Macao to collaborate with other members of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network to combine gastronomy with films, music and design.

Macao was among eight to be newly designated as one of UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Gastronomy last week.


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