Uncover the tales of the sea on these epic expedition cruises

As we’ve learned from the stories of explorers that have come before us, there’s much to be gained from an adventure at sea. Throughout history, ocean navigators have braved the elements to explore new waters leading to the discovery of land, innovative travel routes, shipwrecks, the mysteries of marine life and more.

Building on their own explorer heritage, which dates back to 1893, Hurtigruten, a world leader in exploration travel, are now taking travellers on expeditions through these routes of legends and great discoveries.

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Paradise Bay Antarctica
Paradise Bay, Antarctica © Chelsea Claus

Northwest Passage

Discover the famed and fabled Northwest Passage. For centuries, explorers were on a mission to find a shorter route between Europe and Asia. After many attempts, and several lives lost, Norwegian Roald Amundsen finally succeeded in 1906.

The passage is still inaccessible for most parts of the year and only a few exploration companies – such as Hurtigruten – offer a full Northwest Passage crossing attempt in the summer. 

Explore Northwest Passage itineraries.


  • Be among an elite few to attempt a journey through the rarely-travelled and legendary Northwest Passage
  • Journey through a pristine landscape of mountains, icebergs, glaciers and fjords
  • Meet local Inuit during visits to remote yet welcoming communities in Canada and Greenland
  • Spot magnificent Arctic wildlife, with good chances to see polar bears, whales, and walrus
  • Discover the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Chinstrap Penguin, Orne Harbour, Antarctica
Chinstrap Penguin, Orne Harbour, Antarctica © Andrea Klaussner


Norway has a rich history of seafarers and expert ocean navigators, including the likes of the Vikings. On a journey along the country’s expansive coastline, travellers can uncover Norway’s history, culture and coastal villages, with a chance to spot the Northern Lights along the way.

Find out more about Norway expeditions.


  • Experience the spectacular natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights
  • Explore Norway’s amazing coastline in winter
  • Daily excursions
  • Visit fascinating places and tiny coastal villages to get close to the authentic heart of Norway
MS Roald Amundsen Antarctica
MS Roald Amundsen Antarctica © Dan Avila

The Americas: 

Intricate waterways surround and interweave throughout Latin America, such as the famous Panama Canal – an artificial waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. This complex canal network is over a hundred years in the making, stretching 80km through natural and man-made channels.

On a Hurtigruten expedition cruise, travellers can transit the ingenious Panama Canal and see its system of locks up close. From there, they can explore the charming cities in Ecuador and Peru and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands.

Discover itineries of The Americas.


  • Visit a range of unique communities along South America’s Pacific Coast
  • Discover wondrous wildlife in the biologically diverse Galápagos Islands
  • Experience Machu Picchu, and the fortresses of Ollantaytambo 
  • Travel the famous Panama Canal while aboard your ship and see its innovative system of locks first hand
Puffin Látrabjarg Iceland
Puffin, Látrabjarg Iceland © Genna Roland

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