Experience the ultimate adventure holiday with TRUE NORTH

If there’s a silver lining to rolling border restrictions – perhaps it’s the rare opportunity to make same year and even last minute arrangements to embark on the adventure-yacht TRUE NORTH.

An adventure on the TRUE NORTH is one of Australia’s most-desired holidays. The 36 guest cruiser is normally booked-out well in advance of departure dates.

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What about COVID restrictions?

Restrictions on moving from one state to another continue to disrupt the arrangements of many guests. They suddenly find that they are no longer able to access embarkation points.

Although such outcomes are obviously a big disappointment – there is comfort in TRUE NORTH’s flexible booking conditions. They allow effected guests to reschedule to a later date. Plus the disruptions can prove to be a big bonus for those who are able to make joining arrangements.

The TRUE NORTH experience is not a typical expedition cruise. The family owned company has been exploring the Australian coast for more than 30 years tracking down the region’s most unique experiences.

The TRUE NORTH is built for purpose – designed to sail off the beaten track, designed to uncover hidden coastal gems in maximum comfort.

Rare access via helicopter with True North
Credit: True North

What kind of adventure should I expect on TRUE NORTH?

Guests on TRUE NORTH have a helicopter and six adventure boats at their disposal. With so much choice of adventure onboard, it’s difficult to say what you might be doing each day – because it’s really up to you.

Each night at pre-dinner drinks, the adventure director briefs everyone onboard about what activities are possible during the following day. The guests then sit down for dinner and typically discuss amongst themselves which of the suggested activities offered greatest personal appeal. Then before retiring for the night, guests simply call into the ship’s office and indicate their preferences. The next day – everyone goes in different directions doing different things all day long!

For some it might be their first opportunity to catch a barramundi. Some might choose to fly to an otherwise impossible to reach spot that others don’t even know about. Or perhaps the opportunity to see pristine rock art in an ancient gallery will prove to be irresistible. Regardless of which activity they choose – guests on the TRUE NORTH always get to choose the best that every destination has to offer.

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This year True North has extended its Kimberley season and is offering several itineraries. Expect adventure on the spectacular Kimberley Coast and opportunities to experience the bucket list Rowley Shoals.

Later in the year, the sailing schedule also includes Over the Top (13 nights) adventure between Darwin and Cairns.

If border restrictions are not hindering your ability to reach the TRUE NORTH – make sure you check with their reservations team. You might just be able to make 2021 a year to remember……for all the right reasons

See truenorth.com.au or contact experiences@truenorth.com.au

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