True heart on True North

True North, Kimberley, PNG, helicopter, cruising

Apart from giving guests incredible experiences in areas such as the Kimberley, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, True North Adventure Cruises maintains an active redemption program for underprivileged communities in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Every year, True North delivers significant donations of clothing, school resources and sporting equipment to the many villages and communities that are included in its cruising program. They also provide school sponsorship, support the efforts of Conservation International and, provide other assistance whenever possible.

True North, PNG, helicopter

True North transferred an expectant mother to medical care utilising its helicopter, arranged the evacuation of a local girl injured in a grass fire and arranged the transfer of a local child in the Sepik River area to medical care after a guest actually diagnosed a serious ailment in the child.

True North and its guests also provide assistance to the villagers who live along the Sepik River in West Papua, providing 2,000 mosquito nets, medical supplies, school supplies, reading materials, clothing and equipment for mending clothes, footwear and fishing gear.

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