Treehotel in Sweden

If getting away from it all appeals, you won’t find many places as remote as this.

Treehotel in Sweden was inspired by the film The Tree Lover, and is about the significance of trees for human beings.

Treehotel offers high standard accommodation in seven treehouse rooms, all suspended up to ten metres above the ground in beautiful natural surroundings overlooking the Lule River.

Designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, take your pick between The Mirror Cube, The UFO, the Cabin, The Blue Cone, The Birdsnest, The Dragonfly and the brand new 7th Room, which opens 20 January 2017.

The 7th Room can sleep five and has two storeys and a patio which consists of a net, where you can lie amongst the pine branches and look at the stars. All meals are served in Britta’s Pensionat and the ground level sauna and multitude of activities ensure you do come down from your house in the trees.

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