The top travel trends for 2024

Wondering where to escape in 2024? The best spot to begin a road trip? Or do you want to tick off a bucket list destination? 

2024 travel trend reports use buzzwords like set-jetting, sleep tourism, and destination dupes. But the team at Motorhome Republic, a travel company that enables customers to compare and book motorhome and campervan rentals, reveals that 2024 is all about exploring the road less travelled to experience culture, scenery, and adventures. And on this, we are in agreement. Let’s see what’s hot in travel for the new year. 

In 2024, more travellers than ever want to explore the quaint villages of Germany, the dramatic cliffs of Ireland, and the natural wonders of Iceland. Germany is experiencing a surge in interest, with Google searches for campervan hire in Germany seeing a 122% increase year-on-year. The country’s well-maintained roads make it incredibly accessible to road trippers.

The allure of Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes and natural wonders has also spurred a remarkable 425% year-on-year increase in search interest. Iceland’s road trip routes feature surging waterfalls, the renowned Blue Lagoon, and vast glaciers that cover 10% of the country and will take you on a journey of discovering folklore and mythical tales. The northern lights also light up Iceland’s skies between September and April. 

When one thinks of Ireland, the mind can’t help but conjure images of rolling green hills, medieval castles, charming pubs, and traditional music. And our minds are summoning these often, with searches for campervan hire in Dublin alone increasing by 100% year-on-year.

Belfast castle.
Belfast castle © Unsplash, Rory McKeever

Where to escape winter

Heading to the Northern Hemisphere is a surefire way to escape winter in Australia in 2024. The USA, Scotland, and Ireland are topping the trending mid-year holiday destinations list.

Best places to escape winter in Australia

For those who can’t make the trip across the equator, Brisbane and Cairns are emerging as the go-to local destinations for Aussies in 2024’s winter months. These Queensland cities are the starting point for road trips to Outback Queensland, Cape Tribulation, The Scenic Rim, and Cape York.

Best road trips close to home

Motorhome Republic’s top three campervan pick-up locations for 2024 mirror the previous year’s favourites, Christchurch, Auckland, and Hobart. Who wouldn’t love a Tasmania road trip, circumnavigating the island and visiting secluded beaches on the east coast, drinking pinot noir in the Tamar Valley, hiking Cradle Mountain, and exploring the jungle-like greenery of the west coast? 

Or fly into Christchurch and embark on a New Zealand South Island road trip. Highlights include visiting Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, hiking the most accessible glaciers in the world, The Fox and Franz Josef Glacier, enjoying the mesmerising scenery at Milford Sound, and seal spotting along the coastline at Kaikoura. 

On the North Island, fly into Auckland, New Zealand’s most populous city. Cosmopolitan and chic, Auckland offers world-class shopping and outstanding dining. Once you’ve explored the city, book a motorhome with Motorhome Republic to explore Auckland’s rainforests, beaches and Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. Then hit the road to explore the Bay of Islands, experience New Zealand’s geothermal and tectonic activity at Rotorua, black sand beaches and a volcanic mountain at New Plymouth, and dig your own spa in the sand at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. 

New Zealand road trip
A New Zealand road trip should be on your bucket list © Motorhome Republic

Bucket list road trips

Some road trips look so incredible, the scenery so captivating that they shoot to the top of our bucket lists. 2024 is the year to take these, with the USA, Europe, New Zealand and Canada topping the list.

Top road trips of 2024

There has been a flurry of keystrokes, and 2024’s top trending road trips according to Google are:

  1. Northern California to Oregon – up 425% year-on-year
  2. Calgary to Jasper – up 250% year-on-year
  3. Queenstown to Dunedin – up 89% year-on-year
  4. Las Vegas to Phoenix – up 85% year-on-year
Lake Moraine, Banff National Park
A road trip from Calgary to Jasper passes through Banff National Park © Adobe Stock

Average motorhome holiday length

The average motorhome rental period is 13.45 days, equating to nearly two weeks of exploring the world on wheels. Motorhome Republic anticipates that travellers in 2024 will continue to opt for longer journeys. With remote work now the new norm for many, taking longer breaks to explore and adventure has always been challenging.

Motorhome Republic’s 2024 travel tips

Motorhome Republic has shared their top four travel tips to kickstart your adventures.

1. Utilise Shoulder Season

The most savvy road trippers know that the best time to hit the road is during the shoulder seasons of Autumn and Spring. In shoulder season, you’ll find cheaper rates and increased availability, making it an ideal time for those seeking the perfect balance between cost and experience.

2. Embrace Spontaneity

The joy of a road trip lies in the unexpected discoveries along the way. Ali Duncan, GoSee Chief Marketing Officer, shares, “While planning is essential, leave room for Spontaneity. Serendipitous moments often become the highlights of your journey, so be open to detours and unplanned stops.”

3. Connect with Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the destinations you visit by connecting with local culture. Strike conversations with locals, try regional cuisines and participate in community events. These authentic experiences elevate your road trip from a journey to a true adventure.

4. Capture Memories Creatively

Document your road trip creatively. “Whether it’s through photography, journaling, or creating a travel blog or social account, find a method that allows you to relive and share your experiences,” says Duncan.

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