Travel Switzerland: Is this the best destination for solo female travellers?

Want to travel to Switzerland but unsure about going it alone? If you’re a woman, things just got easier, safer and more fun, thanks to Switzerland Tourism’s new 100% Women campaign.

One thing that makes you feel good is knowing you are safe when you travel. While safety has taken on a special meaning in the age of the global pandemic, it can mean different things for different people. For solo female travellers, the concept is much more poignant than ensuring hand sanitiser is available. There are certain destinations that women feel unable to visit alone. Happily, Switzerland is not one of them.

Switzerland is one of the world’s safest destinations. For instance, it regularly tops the list of safest countries to visit alongside the likes of Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark. But the rise in solo female travel means that countries are looking beyond just safety to attract women to their shores. From sustainable travel options to immersive experiences and female-led expeditions, Switzerland might be the solo female escape you’ve been searching for.

SUP is just one of the activities you can try in Switzerland
SUP is just one of the activities you can try in Switzerland

Get back to nature in Switzerland

In today’s travel world, one thing really stands out. We all crave the great outdoors more after being cooped up inside for much of the past two years. For this reason, there’s been a noted increase in activities like hiking through wide, open spaces and getting outside to enjoy the cool, crisp air. We all want to smell the trees, the grass, the flowers…and feel the earth beneath our feet again.

Being amid nature makes you feel, well, good. We’ve known it for centuries, and science proves it through innumerable studies. To travel in Switzerland, through this postcard-worthy corner of Europe, offers all-of-the-above nature experiences in spades. There are gem-like glaciers and gorges that appear to cleave off the edge of the Earth. Alpine meadows stretch to soaring snow-capped mountains so dramatic they feature in James Bond movies (or on Toblerone bars). There are mirror-like lakes, with banks dotted by castles, and waterfalls that drop into fairy-tale grottoes. The best thing? It’s easy to experience safely as a solo female traveller in Switzerland.

Hiking in Switzerland
Hike through Switzerland’s incredible scenery on a female-led tour

Travel the Swisstainable way

The pandemic has also had a substantial impact on active travel, including a prioritisation on sustainability. Switzerland Tourism even coined its own word for it: Swisstainable.

There’s a common misconception that sustainable travel somehow means going without. The Swisstainable strategy is all about showing that’s not true. The focus in Switzerland is on deeper travel and connection. From getting up close with nature to staying a little longer in one place, experiencing authentic local culture to eating, drinking and buying local produce, travelling the Swisstainable-way gives visitors the chance to truly get to know the country. In addition, they’re helping to protect it for generations to come.

One of the greatest things is, no matter what type of travel Switzerland experience you’re looking for, there’s a way to make it sustainable. From relaxing breaks to action-packed trips and solo female travel adventures, the Swisstainable mindset can be applied to all.

Relax at one of Switzerland's saunas
Switzerland’s not all mountain adventures – there’s plenty of scope to relax too

Tours by women, for women

Considering a solo trip to Switzerland where you see the country’s amazing highlights on foot? You’re not alone. Studies show that even before the pandemic, around 60 per cent of globetrotters took at least one hike while away. The trend is on the rise, with 2022 predicted to be the ‘Year of the Walker’.  And, while the majority of those lacing up their hiking boots are female, they’re the minority when it comes to hiking guides.

Enter women-only alpine tours, a collaboration between Switzerland Tourism and Mammut Alpine School. The group’s Mountaineering for Women program tailors summit tours and training courses specifically to women. Think skiing and snowboarding at Andermatt or a female guide leading travellers across the Monte Rosa massif. Or learning how to furka (climb on rock and ice) – all while knowing you’re in a safe and supportive environment.

Mountain climbing in Switzerland
Discover some of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes

Travel Switzerland: 100% Women

While outdoor adventures are a big part of Switzerland Tourism’s 100% Women campaign, the experiences cover other industry groups. There are currently more than 200 activities and events offered by local hospitality operators created by women, for women. These extend from wellness and mindfulness to art, culture, food and wine – most focusing on pioneering women across each industry.

The campaign was launched in 2021, to celebrate 50 years of women’s suffrage in Switzerland. Solo female travellers can also sleep easy in one of Switzerland’s many women-run hotels. These include the stunning 150-year-old luxury Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, helmed by Female Hotelier of the Year 2018 Nathalie Seiler-Hayez. Or similarly, the car-free Hotel Matthiol in Zermatt, run by Sarah Schwarzenbach.

Record breaking women Switzerland
Looking for a challenge? Join Switzerland’s record-breaking women this spring

Switzerland’s record-breaking women

In 2022, Switzerland will attempt to enter the Guinness World Records book. The attempt will feature the longest female rope team on a 4,000-metre-high peak: the Allalinhorn. The challenge follows on from 2021’s 100% Women Peak Challenge. This saw more than 700 women from all over the globe climb all 48 of Switzerland’s 4,000-metre peaks.

Around 60 women from around the world will be chosen for the new challenge. To make it more inclusive, 10 women will be picked and given the chance to take part for free. Women from all walks of life are encouraged to apply, including those with no prior experience in the mountains. The participants will be accompanied by fully trained guides and given all the advice they need to complete the ascent. All they need to enter is the determination to try! Applications for this once-in-a-lifetime experience close on the 15th of April 2022.

Women travelling in Switzerland
Switzerland is the ideal location for solo female travellers to meet like-minded women

Travel Switzerland as a solo female traveller

Whether you’re visiting for a record-breaking climb, to spend some much-needed time in nature or simply a relaxing holiday, to travel Switzerland as a solo female traveller couldn’t be easier. Find out more by visiting

This article was produced in partnership with Switzerland Tourism.

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