A gentleman’s guide to getting a travel packing list right

The key to a well-packed suitcase is striking a balance between style and functionality. Whether you’re a holidaymaker, frequent flyer, adventurer or voyager, these are the essentials that need to be on your travel packing list every single time. 

Regardless of the class in which you travel, the frequency you fly or how often you cruise, one thing is for certain: a poorly packed suitcase can take the shine off a well-planned trip. While having to make a dash for the local department store or supermarket to fill the gaps in your traveling wardrobe or toiletries is an inconvenience, wearing new clothes or using unfamiliar products can have the dire result of being uncomfortable, impractical and downright disagreeable. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to curate a gentleman’s guide to getting a travel packing list right, from travel accessories and toiletries to wardrobe essentials, because you don’t want to be caught out with the wrong pair of underwear, or worse yet, none at all. 

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Travel accessories

Zipperless suitcase: Zipperless suitcases are a relatively new product on the luggage market and are widely considered to be safer than the standard zippered alternative. The secure latches and hard shells not only make them more durable but difficult to break into, too.

Luggage tracker tag: Ensure your luggage makes the same journey you do with a Bluetooth or GPS luggage tracker tag that can ping the location of your suitcase back to your phone quickly and easily for smooth recovery.

Bluetooth transmitter: Use earphones or headphones of your choosing by purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter, such as AirFly, so you can sync your personal wireless audio device with the in-flight entertainment.

Power adapters and batteries: Don’t get caught out with a flat battery. Carry a universal power adapter for in-room charging and a power bank for on-the-go top-ups.

ID protection: RFID protectors shield your personal information from being digitally swiped and copied (such as credit cards and passports) in the form of sleeves, wallets or bags.

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Wardrobe essentials

Casual wear: Athleisure wear such as sweatpants, shorts, hoodies and tees are travel packing list essentials for comfortable transit and destination exploration. Similarly, ensure a pair of jeans and a cosy knit jumper are in the mix, too.

Basics: Socks, belts, sunglasses and sleepwear are some of the bare basics that should make an appearance on your travel packing list. You’ll also need to incorporate some seasonal basics, such as swimmers and a hat for summer, or thermals and a scarf for winter.

Smart garments: There’s always an unexpected opportunity to dress up while travelling. Whether it’s a fancy dinner, opera performance or upper-class high tea, remember to pack at least one button-up shirt, dress pants with matching long socks, some swish shoes, a tie and a blazer or suit jacket.

Outerwear: A down-filled jacket or wool coat for cool climates, a raincoat for unexpected downpours and a windbreaker or lightweight jacket for trans-seasonal dressing.

Shoes: Sneakers and dress shoes plus destination-specific footwear such as snowboots, hiking boots, sandals or flip-flops.

Underwear: There’s truly nothing worse than being caught out without your favourite underwear. While boxers and briefs are great, we recommend Depend Washable Underwear. These snug and discreet undergarments minimise odours and provide a 12 hours of protection – day or night – from drips, dribbles or light leaks, ensuring you can get on with sight-seeing or sampling the local food scene without a worry in the world. Better yet, these comfy undies can be worn, washed, and worn again – making them a space-saving solution for overstuffed suitcases.

Depend Washable Underwear is also the perfect companion for anyone enduring the perils of a long-haul flight with multiple connections, a full day-trip tour or a sightseeing cruise. These travel essentials provide the extra protection and confidence you need in unpredictable situations. If you aren’t sure what type of Depend Underwear is right for you or your next trip, take the quick and easy Depends Quiz.

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Mouth: Despite being one of the most obvious travel packing list essentials, toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss and mouthwash are often the most forgotten.

Face: Shaving cream, a razor, aftershave and sunscreen – plus a facial moisturiser to keep skin happy and hydrated.

Hair & body: Ensure you smell divine no matter your activity or destination with soap, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. Don’t forget hair grooming products such as gel, pomade or holding spray, plus a comb – and a hairdryer if you’re styling a pompadour quiff.

Learn more about Depend Men Advanced Protection Washable Underwear here.

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