Travel Guides 2021 cast will take on international destinations

It’s back. Travel Guides, one of Australia’s most beloved television shows, is set to air again this year. And we’d love to introduce you to the new Travel Guides 2021 cast.

This year, you’ll see a few new faces as they take us on some pretty crazy adventures. But you may recognise some too.

Before you meet the team, let’s cover some important facts.

When is Travel Guides on?

The show returns on Wednesday, April 28 for its first episode. It begins at 7.30pm. Don’t miss it on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Travel Guides 2021 will showcase all-new local and international tourist destinations in four action-packed episodes.

Travel Guides 2021 cast
Stack & Mel pose with locals © Nine

International countries include Greece, Mauritius, South Korea and Cambodia. In Australia, the Travel Guides 2021 cast will visit South Australia and the Kimberley in WA.

In each episode of Travel Guides, our five groups travel to the same location for a week-long holiday.

Everyone must review the cuisine, accommodation, activities and tourist sights. Opinions always differ, leading to brutally honest and often outrageous reviews.

Meet the Travel Guides 2021 Cast

The Travel Guides are ordinary Australians turned travel critics and the cast take honesty to a whole new level. You will laugh out loud as they rate their holiday out of five stars.

Here’s what we know about this season’s cast.

Matt and Brett

Matt, 45, and Brett, 51, are the newest Travel Guides. The couple have been working together for 18 years, and married for seven.

Matt works for the local council while Brett is a primary school teacher. Together, they are generous and kind, but their biting commentary on everything around them packs a punch. Both love a good boogie too.

Matt is notorious for making new friends on holiday. He’s also a particularly adventurous eater who will give practically anything a try. This will definitely make their holiday experiences interesting.

Travel Guides 2021 cast
Matt & Brett © Nine

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The Fren Family

You might recognise these next Travel Guides 2021 cast members. The Fren family consists of parents Mark (59) and Cathy (57), and their two kids Jonathon (29) and Victoria (27).

Mark is the upbeat and forthright dad, happily married to Cathy for over 30 years. Cathy’s quirky sense of humour and distinctive laugh is contagious.

Daughter Victoria always has an opinion, admitting to speaking before she thinks. Son Jonathon is more reserved, often finding himself unwittingly involved in the family’s antics.

Together, the Fren’s love new destinations and different cultures. They’ll give anything a go, which often gets them into unpredictable situations.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with the Fren Family on Holidays with Kids.

Travel Guides 2021 cast
The Fren family © Nine

Kev, Dorian and Teng

Aptly known as “the boys”, these three good mates met when working in a Target store together.

Kev now has an art degree and is known for being sensible. Dorian is laid-back and polite, with hopes of becoming a teacher. Teng is the risk-taker, always looking for a good time.

The trio of suburban millennials share a love of junk food, computer games, music and movies. All in their twenties, Kev, Dorian and Teng are smart and positive. Always quick to make fun of each other, they guarantee laughs.

All three boys are Australian-born. But their combined Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese heritage gives them a unique take on the world.

Travel Guides 2021 cast
Kev, Dorian & Teng © Nine

Kevin and Janetta

Kevin, 63, and Janetta, 69, have been married for more than three decades. These Travel Guides 2021 cast members are self-professed holiday snobs.

The couple originally lived in Melbourne, but sold their house to move to the country. The tree-change saved them so much money they can now afford to travel for at least four months a year.

These jet-setting retirees hate settling for anything second-rate. Kevin and Janetta love five-star hotels, big cities and quality service.

This discerning duo expect the best when on holiday. If the quality or service isn’t up to scratch, they won’t hesitate to make a complaint.

Travel Guides 2021 cast
Kevin & Janetta © Nine

Stack and Mel

This cowgirl duo signify the last, but definitely not the least, of our Travel Guides 2021 cast. The fan favourites from country NSW and Victoria are ready to hit the road again.

The girls are big on the rodeo scene. They frequently compete together and against each other in roping events.

In their signature hats, cowgirl boots and belt buckles, Stack and Mel are rough around the edges and always straight to the point.

Whilst the pair remain wary to venture anywhere beyond the Outback, they’re known to give anything a red-hot go.

Stack and Mel have spent most of their lives in the bush. This rendered them blissfully unaware of other cultures, languages and customs. Tune in to watch these country girls battle the big cities.

Travel Guides 2021 cast
Stack & Mel © Nine

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