Top eight pet care tips for while you’re away

While many pet owners love to travel the world for both business and pleasure, the one thing that always most difficult is leaving your beloved pets behind.

Security and pet pet care expert and founder of My Home Watch and My Pet Watch, Natasha Morgan shares her top tips on making sure furry family members are happy, healthy and well taken care of while you’re on the road.

1. Plan Ahead
Give yourself time to find the right person or service to care for your pets before taking off, especially in peak holiday times.

2. Leave your pets at home
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Most pets are happier at home in their own environment, so having a professional service like My Pet Watch that can come and visit them each day to walk, play and feed them is very useful and allows them to enjoy the comforts of their own home.

3. Collars and name tags
Even when at home, have your dog or cat wear a collar with your phone number on it, in case they ever try and run away.

4. Leave prepared
Leave your pet minder with detailed information on how to reach you and what to do if they cannot contact you. This includes your vet’s details, microchips, likes and dislikes, meal requirements, favourite toys, and an emergency contact if you’re unreachable. Knowing your pet will be cared for in any situation makes it a lot easier to relax on your holiday.

5. Insurance
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It is important to have a professional who is insured for your pets, and using a professional service can alleviate this concern.

6. Communicate
Your pets love to hear your voice, and they can easily see you through Skype or Facetime. There is even a PetCam device that you can hire through My Pet Watch and self-monitor your pets through an app on your phone. My Pet Watch’s reporting software allows you to access daily reports on how they are doing, photos, videos and Facetimes with owners from anywhere in the world!

7. Take your pet with you through photos
Put a photo of your pets in your wallet or have photos saved on your phone so you can look at them when you miss them while you’re away.

8. Don’t make a big deal when you leave and return
Long goodbyes and hellos can make your pets feel nervous and can lead to separation anxiety. To keep your pet calm, walk out like you’ll be back in a minute and greet them as though you haven’t been gone for long.

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