Seven places to paddle before you die

With thousands of nautical miles, rivers and serene lakes forming Australia’s multiple shorelines, we enlisted the help of outdoor adventure experts, OZtrail, to help navigate the top 7 places to paddle before you die.

Tangalooma, Australia
Tangalooma is, without question, one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. With crystal blue water and  myriad tropical fish creating rainbows in the ripples, you can grab a snorkel and discover this underwater aquarium for yourself. For something more fast-paced, ride the waves on a surf tube.

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Lord Howe Island, NSW
A subtropical paradise enriched with flora and fauna, Lord Howe Island has drawn keen snorkellers from far and wide. A short two hours from Sydney or Brisbane, the island’s technicolour fish displays, lively turtles and inquisitive marine life can easily whisk every visitor off their feet (literally). For the absolute water enthusiasts, experience its unclouded water and coral-adorned banks with slip-on booties (reef shoes).

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Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
Imagine a 260 km underwater paradise, inhabiting the vivid homes of turtles, manta rays and gentle whale sharks. Running very close to the shoreline, Ningaloo Reef is best explored by snorkelling or doggy paddling through its unmissable crevasses. Again, if you have neoprene shoes, you can explore the coral up-close.

Wineglass bay, best places to paddle in Australia, most beautiful beaches in Australia

Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania
Considered one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay is all sapphire-coloured seas offset by pink and grey granite peaks that create the perfect environment to disconnect. The secluded sandy beaches attract snorkellers from far and wide to follow colourful fish through its crystalline waters.

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Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park, NT
Gunlom Falls is a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by gum trees, and supreme views of Kakadu’s National Park. This natural infinity pool should be added to your bucket list. Float around in a blow-up tube and take in the pure serenity.

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Lady Elliot Island, Australia
Lady Elliot Island is The Great Barrier Reef’s most southern island. Home to myriad sea life, including turtles and rays, snorkelling straight off the beach into the deep blue is a popular pastime at Lady Elliot.

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Piccaninnie Ponds, South Australia
Piccaninnie Ponds comprises massive underwater caverns near Mount Gambier and is one of the best-kept secrets of Australia, . This hidden chasm renowned for its enticing crystal-clear water is not just for divers: grab a snorkel and float across the surface to experience its natural beauty.  Visit 

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