Top 10 places to see Europe in bloom

Tulips, Lisse, Holland
The colours of spring are finally casting their paintbrush over Europe, with some of the world’s most beautiful flowers starting to bloom all over coastlines, gardens, meadows and mountains across the continent.

If you’re planning a trip to Europe during what is arguably its most beautiful season, and are wondering where you can find stunning blooms, global search engine for vacation rentals Holidu has shared their top picks of some of the most gorgeous places to visit in spring, and tips on where to stay.

From brilliantly blue hydrangeas in the Azores, to blooming cherry blossoms in Düsseldorf, these flower-filled locations are sure to make your Instagram account the envy of all others.

Hydrangeas – Azores, Portugal
Hydrangeas, the Azores, Portugal
One of the most evocative landscapes to enjoy gorgeous blooming hydrangeas that come in white, purple, red, pink and blue colours is within the Azores archipelago. Travel here in the springtime, when this natural volcanic paradise is vibrant with these giant blue flowers.
Casa Cecilia Meireles on São Miguel Island has room for up to eight people as well as a tennis court, BBQ area, free WiFi and is conveniently located close to the  beach and city centre.

Lavender – Provence, France
Lavender fields, Provence
From June to September, stunning purple lavender fields sprawl across Provence. Some places even allow you to pick the lavender to transform into your own homemade scented oils and products.
Stay near the lavender fields in charming villages, or enjoy a beautiful home at the edge of a stunning field, such as this gorgeous vacation house for up to six guests, complete with garden and terrace overlooking the lavender field.

Orange blossoms – Valencia, Spain
orange blossom
The azahar, commonly known as the orange blossom, is the flower of citrus trees, including oranges and lemons. The intense scent of these white flowers makes them perfect for essential oils and body fragrances. Flowering generally takes place between April and May.
The perfect time to see orange blossoms in bloom is May, when you’ll also run into many wedding processions and parties with these blossoms in the bridal parties’ bouquets, as they are also known as “bridal flowers,” and symbolise marriage.
This rustic and romantic villa is located in the middle of a grove of orange trees where you’ll be smelling their sweet fragrance as soon as you step through the door. A true Mediterranean paradise, it comes with your own Garden of Eden and pool.

Cherry blossoms – Bonn and Düsseldorf, Germany
Cherry blossoms, Duesseldorf
These delicate pink and white flowers are traditionally special to Japan, but for a stunning European experience, head to Germany where many cities boast blooming cherry trees as early as May, especially Bonn and Düsseldorf. In Bonn, there is a May festival dedicated to cherry blossoms where visitors can partake in Hanami, the art and tradition of celebrating these flowers along with the arrival of spring.
The best time to visit is May, when you can experience the fusion of east and west in Bonn when walking through the Grand European Altstadt (Old Town) with cherry blossoms in full bloom all around, reminiscent of Kyoto. This charming family-friendly apartment in Alfter is the perfect base from which to immerse yourself in the town’s cherry blossom-lined streets.

Wild Orchids – Gargano, Italy
Wild orchid, Gargano
Gargano is known for its biodiversity, as it has the highest density of wild orchids in Europe. These unique, wild orchids belong to about 60 different species and usually bloom around March to April. The town of Mattinata, near Foggia, is perfect for orchid admirers with its large variety on display. Guests can stay in this charming pet-friendly farmhouse with pool and sauna, surrounded by olive trees.

Tulips – Lisse, Holland
Tulips, Holland
Lisse is one of the best cities in Holland to see the country’s iconic and brightly coloured tulip fields, with the flowers popping up from March to May. For an unforgettable sight in Lisse head to Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe, which is a huge park with seven million bulbs blooming.
The best time to see these gorgeous tulips flowering is Spring, and if you’re staying in Lisse, this delightful garden house is just 100 metres away from Keukenhof park and the sea.

Apricot flowers – Wachau, Austria
Apricot blossom
Apricots from Wachau are sweeter and juicier than any others – in fact, they are so special that they have been legally protected by the European Union since 1996. The apricot flowering happens in April and the best place to see these gorgeous pink and white flowers is Rossatz-Arnsdorf. This stylish apartment with modern rooms is in the heart of Rossatz-Arnsdorf and just a five-minute walk from the local vineyards.

Heather – Westjütland, Denmark
Heather, Westjütland
The characteristic landscape of the moors, present in many Nordic countries, is also characteristic of the Westjütland region of Denmark. In August and September, the Westjütland region blooms, forming a beautiful blue, violet and pink carpet of heather.
This country home is immersed in the nature of Jutland and is ideal for those wanting a view over the blooming lands while cooking up a barbeque on the terrace.

Edelweiss – Zermatt, Swiss Alps
Edelweiss, Alps

The Edelweiss is a 15cm-tall flower which grows in the wild in the Alps and other high mountain ranges. The flowers’ fine hairs make it ideal to survive the cold temperature, and it blooms in the middle of the European summer in July. A perfect place to view this unique flower is the ski region of Zermatt, where there are differently-themed trails through the mountains.
Stay in a cosy chalet such as Apartment Windward in Zermatt, which has incredible views of the mountain.

Rhododendrons – Cornwall, England
Rhododendrons, Cornwall
Rhododendrons are found in many countries, with Cornwall in England being one of the best places to see them in the enchanting Trebah gardens. This is the perfect place to see many different species of rhododendrons in bloom between March and July.
A great way to get the most out of your time in this area is to stay at Trebah gardens, in a cottage surrounded by greenery, such as this garden apartment.

Photography supplied by Holidu.

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