Travel quiz: How well do you know Tokyo?

To celebrate our ebook, the Vacations & Travel Ultimate Guide to Tokyo, we’re testing your knowledge to see how much you know about the kaleidoscopic destination.

Tokyo is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, somehow uniting age-old traditions with mind-boggling new-age trends that set the pulse for global fashion, food, architecture and arts. We’ve partnered with Tokyo Tourism to bring you this inspiring ebook.

Hint: if you want to ace the test, read the Tokyo guide before you take the quiz.

So tell us, how well do you know Tokyo?

Which island is Tokyo located on?
True or false? Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan area in the world.
What is Senso-ji?
How many gold medals did Japan win at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
What was Tokyo originally called?
How many people cross the Shibuya Crossing in a day?
What is the currency of Japan?
In which area of Tokyo will you find Akihabara, the buzzing shopping district also known as Electric Town? 
Sushi is a popular dish in Tokyo and comes in many forms. What is nigirizushi?
The Takao Beer Mount at Mt Takao is Tokyo's highest beer garden, how many metres above sea level does it sit?
So tell us, how well do you know Tokyo?
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