A toast to Tokyo's themed bars

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known for its ability to make anything and everything larger than life, and drinks are no exception.

Although many know Tokyo as the ‘Food Capital of the World’, thanks to being the city with the most Michelin Star Restaurants for ten years straight, not everyone is aware that Tokyo is also home to one of the most diverse drinking scenes in the world.

Between all the sightseeing, fast fashion and gourmet dishes, Tokyo’s nightlife is brimming with cocktail artistry and flavoured entertainment – as long as you know where to look.

Here are just some of Tokyo’s most lavish themed bars, with a signature ‘Tokyo Twist’.

Drinking Films: Whales of August (Hachigatsu no Kujira)

If the film has been featured, it can be ordered – at Whales of August. A bartender out of the cinemas – literally.

At Whales of August, every drink is based on a movie. But just because something’s not on the menu, it doesn’t mean that you can’t order it. If you can name it, and they know it, they can make it. From To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire, The Avengers to Totoro – as long as the bartender knows the movie, they can make you a drink to match. With more than 600 different kinds of liquor held on the premises, Whales of August pushes the boundaries of flair and flavour.

Art meets science at Incubator
Incubator Bar Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

With an owner majoring in medical engineering, Incubator is the science bar that takes the science of alcohol as literally as they come. With flasks of sake heated by Bunsen burners, beakers of beer, wine in test tubes, lectures and genetic fortune-telling, this venue experiments with a plethora of crazy concoctions, whilst keeping things in an entertaining and enjoyable environment.

The romantic route: Planetarium Bar
Planetarium Bar in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, Japan

For those looking for some more peace and relaxation, try out the Planetarium Bar in Shirokanedai – home to the Megastar Zero Platinum Planetarium Projector, which projects over five million stars. For those in search of a brighter atmosphere, don’t forget to visit the Ginza Sky Lounge, the 360 degree revolving restaurant with a panorama view.

Adorable animals
Penguins, Penguin Bar Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

A trip to Japan isn’t complete unless you’ve visited an animal café during the day or an animal themed bar at night. With penguins all the way from South Africa, at Penguin Bar Ikebukuro, you get the chance to go up close and personal with penguins during their feeding time at 7pm. This bar is popular with couples in Japan and the menu is loaded with penguin-themed cocktails and treats.

The bar sneaks: Ninja Akasaka
Ninja Akasaka, Tokyo bar, Tokyo ninja bar, Tokyo, Japan

Waiters dressed as ninjas lead you through their own version of ninja training – with Ninja Akasaka being home to one of the most well-praised themed restaurants in Tokyo. Ninja Akasaka goes beyond most themed restaurants with their quality service and intricate dishes. The whole restaurant is completely immersive, designed as a ninja village, with all menu items written on a scroll. Those who are looking for a dinner adventure will not be disappointed.




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