Tips to stay safe abroad

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With the summer months officially over and colder days just around the corner, a growing number of Aussies in their twenties and thirties are choosing to embrace the nomadic lifestyle, pickup a backpack and go for a gap year or extended career break.

Preparing to travel overseas for an extended period of time requires planning and number of factors should be considered, such as the laws of the country you are visiting, visas, and your budget.

Online travel insurer specialist, InsureandGo, which offers policies that cover travellers for up to 18 months, has put together five fail-proof tips ideal for helping adventurous and intrepid Aussies plan ahead and get the most out of their travels.

Travelling alone – Travelling alone is the fastest way to make new friends and learn about yourself, but it also comes with risks, so ensure you always check in with a loved one back home every few days, and always ask your hotel about what areas you should avoid.

Learn about the local culture – A little research can go a long way in ensuring you have the best possible trip, so prior to departure, read up on certain behaviours to avoid, how to dress, rules and laws, and learn some local words.

Visas and Official Documents – The rules can change from time to time, so research the appropriate travel visas you will need to enter your chosen destination, well in advance. Allow at least a month for each visa to be processed and approved, and ensure you pack copies of your passport and leave one at home with your loved ones.

Packing – Always pack your own bags and be aware of the items within. You may also want to lock up your suitcase or backpack to avoid any tampering, and when travelling to countries like South America or Asia, you can also opt to for plastic wrapping as an dded security measure. Try to pack light and avoid bringing non-essential valuables on your trip. If you do bring valuables, ensure you have the appropriate level of cover and keep copies of receipts in case you need to claim anything.

Insure yourself – You never know what can happen whilst overseas so its important to get the best travel insurance policy for yourself, so that there are options and assistance if anything goes wrong abroad. InsureandGo’s backpacker travel insurance policy has been designed for the spontaneous and adventurous traveller and offers up to 18 months of continuous and comprehensive cover and optional cover for high-risk activities.

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