This brilliant TikTok hack might be the best travel secret for over packers

Whether you’re a serial over packer or just trying to avoid those pesky hidden baggage fees, this TikTok travel hack might be the best travel tip you hear all year.

One savvy TikTokker revealed how she used her neck pillow as a secret carry-on bag on an airplane.

The woman, who goes by @anayatothe on TikTok shared a step-by-step video of the TikTok travel hack and has been praised by viewers.

“Trying the Spirit and Frontier pillow hack cuz I ain’t tryna pay $60 for a carry on,” wrote the woman on the video.

The TikTokker picked up a $9 travel pillow from Walgreens and then took out all the exisiting stuffing.

“Make sure to get a pillow with a zipper for easy stuffing,” she said.

tiktok travel hack
Dodge hidden baggage fees with this TikTok travel hack © @anayotothe

She then proceeded to stuff all the clothes she couldn’t fit into her luggage into the travel pillow.

You can still use the pillow for comfort as long as you stuff it with soft clothes.

“Everything fits except for this shirt!” the woman exclaimed.

“Here’s my luggage, let’s see if I make it on without paying.”

tiktok travel hack
The TikTok travel pillow hack worked a treat © @anayotothe

After posting the video she confirmed that the travel hack worked on her return flights.

The TikTok has since gone viral with over 1.4 million views, with viewers praising the clever trick.

“This is so smart,” commented one viewer.

“Yes I will try this I’m not paying more for luggage than the flights cost,” said another.

Another recommended their own variation on the travel hack: “You can use a regular pillow that you use on your bed too. Been doing this for years, never had an issue!”

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