The 6 must-see attractions to visit in China

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With serene landscapes and bustling cities, rich in historical and cultural landmarks, it’s easy to see why China is a popular bucket-list destination for avid travellers. Yet, as the fourth largest country in the world and a land of many wonders – both ancient and modern, natural and man-made – planning an itinerary can be a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, the experts at Wendy Wu Tours have already done the groundwork. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, they’ve crafted authentic tour itineraries, allowing you to immerse yourself in the best of what China has to offer. 

From walking the Great Wall to scenic cruises down the Yangtze River, here are the must-see attractions Wendy Wu Tours recommend for first-time visitors – all of which are included in their 16-day Wonders of China tour.

1. Beijing

As China’s capital city, Beijing certainly doesn’t disappoint. Spend a couple of days here to discover all its imperial treasures including Tiananmen Square and the fascinating Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived.  

Stroll through the warren-like hutongs that were the traditional style of housing in Beijing in the 13th century, followed by a visit to the tranquil Temple of Heaven where many people gather to practise Tai-Chi. As for food in Beijing, you can’t go past Peking Duck, a local favourite and the city’s specialty.

Beijing - six must-see attractions in China

2. The Great Wall of China

Can you really say you’ve been to China if you don’t pay a visit to the iconic Great Wall? Just two hours northwest of Beijing city is the Juyongguan Pass, a great access point to start your walk on this incredible structure that ventures through beautiful scenery in several provinces of Northern China. 

The nearby Summer Palace is also worth a visit, where you’ll find the most well-preserved imperial gardens, lakes and palace architecture in China.

Great Wall of China - six must-see attractions in China

3. Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an

If visiting the world-famous Museum of the Terracotta Warriors isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be. This impressive archaeological site of life-size terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, is well worth the stop in Xi’an. 

Later, spend some time wandering the beautifully preserved 14th-century city walls that enclose Xian’s old town. Bikes or an electric cart can also be hired to ride the entire length of the walls.

4. Yangtze River

Included in many of the itineraries offered by Wendy Wu Tours and undoubtedly a highlight visitors shouldn’t miss is a four-night cruise down the great Yangtze River. Set your sights on the impressive hydroelectric Three Gorges Dam, along with some of the most beautiful panoramic scenery in China. There is also the option to enjoy shore excursions to the Ghost City of Fengdu or Shibaozhai along the way.

Yangtze River - six must-see attractions in China

5. Giant pandas

Get up close with China’s adorable giant pandas either at one of the city zoos or at the famous Chengdu Panda Base. In just a half-day at Chengdu, you can see and learn about China’s most celebrated bears in surroundings that mirror their natural mountain and forest habitat of north Sichuan.

6. Shanghai

Shanghai is considered to be one of Asia’s most influential cities where you’ll find an interesting blend of modern and traditional cultures including futuristic skyscrapers and 10th-century temples. Other highlights of the city include the tranquil Yu Garden, Shanghai old town, the impressive architecture along the Bund and The Silk Museum; where you can learn about the production of China’s most famous and luxurious materials.

Shanghai- six must-see attractions in China

If you’re after the ultimate China experience with the inclusion of these must-see attractions but without the hassle of organising all the travel in between, Wendy Wu Tours is a great way to go. All tour prices are based per person, twin share and include international flights, taxes and consideration of accommodation and guided touring costs.

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