The Big Chill in Iceland


Iceland’s land of fire, ice, volcanoes and glaciers will headline Big Chill Adventures’ inaugural “Diamond Circle Tour” in 2016. Specialising in adventure expeditions that take intrepid travellers to the most beautiful and forbidding landscapes near the Arctic region, the six-day tour showcases Iceland’s famous Northern Lights along with encounters with the geothermal phenomenon that chiselled the eerie landscape; scolding geysers, fumaroles, active and extinct volcanoes and lava tubes.

Travelling by 4WD from Reykjavik through the Skagafjörður region, the Tour also takes in some of Iceland’s most majestic mountain scenery, alpine lakes and unique geologic formations. Returning to Reykjavik by plane, guests also view Icelandic Horses, migrating whooper swans who touchdown near the black sand dunes by the largest saltwater lagoon and if lucky, the trolls and elves that hide in Iceland’s enchanted gardens and lava rocks.

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