The best time to experience the Kimberley’s waterfalls

Don’t miss the best time of the year to experience Kimberley’s majestic waterfalls.

A must-shoot for every photographer is the waterfall season (March-April), boasting lush landscapes and swollen rivers that burst over every available precipice. And the purpose-built True North cruises allow all aboard to capture grandeur from every angle. 

This is an opportunity to experience the emotive beauty that accompanies the end of the wet season. An opportunity to experience Kimberley’s renowned summer storms and spectacular light shows. To experience thundering waterfalls and swollen billabongs. And not to mention, the unexplained rock-art, extraordinary wildlife and monster barramundi.

The Kimberley waterfalls explored by True North Adventure Cruises
The adventure cruise ship True North provides the ultimate Kimberley waterfall experience.

Don’t just see the magnificent Kimberley Coast – experience it!

The Kimberley region in North Western Australia is a panorama of rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls. The region attracts visitors from all over the world – but not everybody is fortunate enough to truly experience this ancient land.

The adventure cruise ship True North provides the ultimate Kimberley waterfall experience.
True North takes you closer than any other cruise.

Purpose-built to go where other ships cannot, the stylish adventure-cruise ship TRUE NORTH provides a level of access that is the envy of others! Whilst others sail past – the TRUE NORTH can safely navigate the region’s many shallow river systems and provide guests with intimate access to the region’s iconic natural features. The ship comes with activity-based itineraries including tactile experiences such as hiking, fishing, mud crabbing, picnics, natural history interpretation, seeing the ancient rock art of the Australian Aborigines and exhilarating helicopter rides.

The TRUE NORTH – setting the adventure-cruise benchmark for more than 30 years!

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