The most epic destinations from the latest season of The Amazing Race Australia

A return to international travel can only mean one thing: The Amazing Race Australia is back and better than ever! Just 10 teams remain in the running to win this adventure seeking competition.

Hosted by former NRL player, Beau Ryan, this beloved Australian TV series has kicked off for 2022. With two separate teams of 10 couples starting simultaneously from Sydney and Melbourne.

The sixth season of this thrilling series will see teams tackling planes, trains, automobiles and all manner of destination-specific challenges in an epic and demanding journey across the globe. Viewers can expect nail-biting tasks and intriguing destinations, plus a healthy dose of drama, tension and triumph.

The winning pair will take home $250,000 cash and two brand new cars – an Isuzu D-MAX and an Isuzu MU-X. In case you missed it, here’s the lowdown on this year’s The Amazing Race Australia. And with only 10 teams remaining.

Stuart and Glennon were eliminated in last night’s episode

The Amazing Race Australia epic destinations

An explosive return to international travel finds contestants dusting off their passports and competing across six continents. Here are some of the dramatic destinations The Amazing Race Australia will visit.

Morocco - the first destination on The Amazing Race Australia
L: Marrakesh medina Ⓒ Annie Spratt | R: Morocco’s desertscape Ⓒ Zakarie Daoui


The first three legs of the race saw teams traversing the bustling cities and rugged desert towns of Morocco. Famous for its mazelike medinas, hammams and sprawling deserts, this North African nation is the perfect destination for adventure. Visit to explore ancient cities and take in the intricate architecture, and stay for the incredible hospitality and endless cups of mint tea.

The Amazing Race Australia took teams to Santorini and Athens
L: The steps of Santorini Ⓒ Nik Nikolla | R: Athens Ⓒ Andrea Leopardi


Greece is a veritable hotspot for history, hospitality and impossibly perfect coves and beaches. It’s also a fascinating destination to explore – whether you’re sorting through piles of seafood and leading donkeys through the streets of Santorini (yes, contestants had to complete these tasks). Or simply visiting for leisure. Just take a short stroll through the streets of Athens and you’ll stumble upon all manner of ancient artefacts and historical sites, as well as taverns filled with delicious Mediterranean food and friendly locals.

The Amazing Race Australia visited Turkey
Konak/İzmir, Turkey Ⓒ Mert Kahveci


Whether you’re seeking a foodie paradise or cultural immersion, Turkey should be on your travel radar. Famous for its cuisine, coffee and spas, and boasting rugged landscapes and fascinating history, adventure is in no short supply here. Travellers can stay in ancient cave hotels, savour sprawling meze banquets and take sunrise hot-air balloon rides. Just watch out for the teasing ice-cream vendors.

Teams competing in The Amazing Race Australia took to the colourful streets of Colombia
L: Colourful streets of Cartagena Ⓒ Reiseuhu | R: Street art in Bogotá Ⓒ Jorge Gardner


Colombia is a treasure-trove of energetic cities and mesmerising natural wonders. Home to some of the world’s most diverse landscapes and cultures, a trip here could have you sipping Colombian coffee amid vibrant street art one day, and exploring the Amazon the next. The most recent leg of The Amazing Race Australia saw teams descend on the colourful city of Cartagena. Here, they battled to make traditional arepas and learn a Colombian-style salsa routine.

Belize is the next location for the competition
Caye Caulker, Belize Ⓒ Meritt Thomas


Next stop: paradise. Belize is another destination on The Amazing Race Australia’s agenda. Roughly half of this Carribean country is covered in swathes of dense jungle scattered with Mayan ruins. It’s also a leading ecotourism destination where travellers can enjoy snorkelling, hiking, kayaking, visiting sanctuaries and more. Belize’s wild tropical landscape lends itself perfectly to Indian Jones-style challenges, and perhaps a watery adventure or two.

Colourful skulls for Día de los Muertos Ⓒ Jeremy Lwanga | Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City Ⓒ Carlos Aguilar


Renowned for its vibrant culinary scene and festivals, Mexico is a destination at the top of travel bucket lists everywhere. In a nation bursting with diverse landscapes, world-class beaches and cosmopolitan cities, it’s easy to see why. Visit the waterfront Mayan ruins and pristine coastline in Tulum. Or dance the night away as you explore Mexico City’s lively bar scene. The Amazing Race Australia teams are set to head to the colourful country later this season.

Meet the remaining Amazing Race Australia contestants

With ten teams already eliminated, the finish line for The Amazing Race Australia is in sight. Meet the resilient pairs still in the running to win.

Angel and Frankie, contestants in The Amazing Race Australia

Angel and Frankie

Former flight attendant Angel and her church buddy Frankie hail from Queensland and believe they were born for ‘racing’. Their faith-focused friendship has led them to The Amazing Race Australia, combining Angel’s travel smarts and Frankie’s cast iron stomach to take on obstacles with confidence.

The Amazing Race Australia contestants Chelsea and Jamus

Chelsea and Jamus

Engaged with two little ones, Chelsea and Jamus are in The Race to win and buy their dream family home. Blending Jamus’ laidback ‘teddy bear’ personality with Chelsea’s slight OCD tendencies may be a challenge, but the Queensland couple is determined to work together for their family.

Flick and Gabby are competing in this year's The Amazing Race Australia

Flick and Gabby

Barista sisters Flick and Gabby work side-by-side in their cafe in Victoria. Now, they’re tackling the ultimate globe-trotting challenge. They vow to be the most competitive team The Race has ever seen, pushing themselves to their physical and emotional limits to prove that young women can “work as hard as anybody else and get stuck into any situation”.

Fliss and Tottie

Fliss and Tottie

Born and bred in rural New South Wales, Fliss and Tottie have been friends since birth. While they’re not used to the bustle of big cities, they hope their practical farm skills will aid them in The Race. These country pals want to prove that age is just a number by becoming the first female team to win, and inspire other young girls to make their own dreams a reality.

Heath and Toni, The Amazing Race Australia

Heath and Toni

This Victorian husband and wife duo are in it to win it. Heath and Toni are an active, well-travelled couple who’ve visited the UK, UAE, Laos, Vietnam, Canada, Iceland, Indonesia and the Philippines. As well as taking a nine-week camper tour of Australia. They decided to enter The Amazing Race Australia after Toni was diagnosed with breast cancer, hoping to prove life is positive and full of love and adventures.

Lauren and Steph are competing in The Amazing Race Australia

Lauren and Steph

Self-described ‘strong lady coppers’ Lauren and Steph are partners at work and home. They’ve known each other for two years since working in the Western Australian police force. They want to win to prove that they can support each other through anything, and plan to use the prize money to move in together.

Tiffany and Cynthia are lifelong fans of The Amazing Race Australia

Tiffany and Cynthia

The aunty and niece team from Western Australia share a competitive, but compassionate, spirit. Their Indigenous background has made them open minded and happy to experience new cultures. Tiffany and Cynthia are lifelong fans of The Amazing Race Australia and can’t wait to travel the world. 

Jodie and Claire

Jodie and Claire

Proud mums Jodie and Claire are no strangers to competition, having won gold medals in international dragon boating competitions in Australia and New Zealand.  During the race, Jodie is ready to tackle the water challenges and Claire the mental ones, as her midwifery job involves rapid decision making. For the New South Wales friends, winning would mean they could spend more time together as Claire could afford to reduce her work hours.

The Amazing Race Australia Kelly and Georgia

Kelly and Georgia

These newlywed teachers from Queensland are all about adventure. They’ve traversed volcanoes, jumped out of planes and swam with sharks, posting videos of their travels throughout Asia, Europe and the US on Youtube. Both are used to being the leader in their roles as teachers, and hate losing with a passion. Winning would help this young couple build a life for themselves and their future family.

Pako and Mori are taking on the Amazing Race Australia

Pako and Mori

Fun, loud and bubbly, Pako and Mori have been laughing their way through life together for 10 years. The New South Wales couple has been married for a year and are not afraid to push themselves to win. As a couple, they balance each other well: Pako is Maori, feisty and can be known to take a joke too far, while Chilean Mori is cool and calm.

Tune in to watch The Amazing Race Australia on channel 10 each Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night at 7:30pm. Or stream the series on demand on 10 Play.

All destination images via Unsplash.

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