TGIF: NSW is rolling out another round of $100 vouchers but there’s a catch

The NSW government will give away $100 in ‘TGIF dining vouchers’ to 500,000 residents.

This follows the successful Dine and Discover scheme.

But the new vouchers come with an extra set of conditions that means only some businesses will benefit.

tgif nsw vouchers
Hospitality and entertainment venues will benefit from the TGIF scheme © Daniel Norris on Unsplash

The NSW voucher scheme will offer four $25 vouchers to spend on Fridays at businesses in the 2000 postcode.

Unlike the NSW Dine and Discover program, people will be able to use all their TGIF vouchers in one transaction, rather than separately.

TGIF or Thank God It’s Friday (yes that’s the actual name of the new voucher scheme) hopes to turbocharge businesses in the Sydney CBD. 

“It’s about making Fridays fantastic and fun and at the same time helping the Sydney CBD which has been hit hardest by Covid with a reduction in CBD workers and the absence of overseas visitors for more than a year,” Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said. 

Sydney CBD is still running below 70 per cent of its pre-Covid capacity.

The vouchers can be used at any business in the 2000 postcode © Canva

David Borger, the executive director of Business Western Sydney is disappointed the initiative will not extended to Western Sydney businesses that are also suffering.

“Parramatta’s restaurants have not only been hit hard by the pandemic but also by the construction of the Parramatta light rail in our famous ‘Eat Street’,” he told the Guardian.

How do I get a voucher?

Just like the Dine and Discover vouchers, you will need to apply through the Service NSW app or website.

The vouchers will then appear in your app or be sent to you.

You must be a NSW resident over 18.

The TGIF vouchers will inject life into the Sydney CBD on Fridays © Canva

What can I spend the TGIF vouchers on?

You can spend the NSW TGIF vouchers on entertainment and dining at any business in the 2000 postcode.

As the name would suggest the vouchers are only valid on Fridays.

You cannot use the vouchers for alcohol, tobacco or gambling.

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