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In Vietnam, the currency is called the Vietnamese dang.
If you add up the total length of the world’s coastline, it’s roughly the same distance as the earth to the moon.
The engineers who built the Statue of Liberty in the US and the Eiffel Tower in France were brothers.
Russia and the USA are about 4km apart, at their closest points.
Russia is bigger than Pluto.
There is an Australian spider species named Sparklemuffin.
Monaco’s citizens make up just 20% of its casino’s clientele.
There are five species of sneezing monkey in the world. They have an upturned nose that collects rainwater, so they sneeze it off. When it gets sick of sneezing all the time, it has often been known to tuck its head between its knees so its nose doesn’t get wet.
It is estimated that more than 30 million people in China live in caves.
There is no land in the South Pole. Only ice on top of the sea.
Switzerland has an annual yodelling festival
Parts of the Great Wall of China are made with sticky rice.
A airplane pilot and his assistant must always eat the same food.
On approach to an airport, a plane can save fuel by doing a stepped descent rather than a continuous descent.
Food tastes different in a flying airplane than it does on the ground.
It is estimated that France’s national yearly consumption of snails sits at about 200 million.
There is a wasp in Thailand named the dementor wasp, named after the terrifying characters in Harry Potter.
75% of the world’s population live in the northern hemisphere.
Australia is wider than the moon.
Jetlag is worse if you travel from east to west.
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