There’s a wine that will actually help you lose weight?

There’s a way to sip your way out of those extra lockdown kilos thanks to the Lighten Up wine range by Tempus Two.

The lower alcohol and reduced-calorie wine range is made with ‘spinning cone technology’.

It removes alcohol using a lower temperature that is gentler on the wine without compromising flavour.

Diet or not you can still take part in the occasion © Tempus Two

At least three out of 10 consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 select wines based on their diet. The Lighten Up range allows drinkers to moderate their alcohol intake and still enjoy a full-flavoured wine.

“It’s perfect for those who are looking to lighten their alcohol intake and reduce calories but still want to participate in the occasion,” Tempus Two winemaker Andrew Duff said.

The Lighten Up series

The Lighten Up range includes a Prosecco, Rosé and Pinot Noir. All are 750mL and have an ABV of 6.8%. At just $20 it will lighten your spending too. Shop here or in-store at Dan Murphy’s across the country. Always drink responsibly and you must be over 18 to consume alcohol.

Tempus Two Lighten Up range
The full Lighten Up series © Tempus Two

Lighten Up Prosecco mingles pear, lemon sherbet, citrus and green apple with delicate bubbles for a crisp finish.

Serve as an aperitif or with fresh salads, spice and seafood.

Expect strawberry aromas from the Lighten Up Rosé. Nuances of lime and orange peel liven up the drop. Waves of red apple peel, strawberry and maraschino cherry refreshen the light liquid.

Pair it with a light lunch or sweet and sour, spicy and salty Asian dishes.

The Lighten Up Pinot Noir boasts a bouquet of raspberries, strawberries and the delicate spice of black cherries and red berries.

This is the perfect wine to put down with pizzas, duck, roast chicken or pasta dishes.

Always drink responsibly.

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