The new gin range that’s guaranteed to tempt

There is a new set of gins in town made with the best grapes from Tempus Two lovingly crafted into your favourite spirit.

If you’re a gin fan and a purveyor of fine wines, you’ll revel in the release of Tempus Two Gin, which comes in three tasty varieties: Prosecco Gin, Shiraz Gin and Wild Botanical Gin. These wine-inspired gins are now on the shelves and just in time for World Gin Day on 10 June.

Taking their winemaking expertise to the next level, the Tempus Two team have distilled gin from quality grape wine spirit base to launch a new range of premium gins with a uniquely Australian twist. The Tempus Two Cellar Door is located in the heart of the Hunter Valley, just a two-hour drive north of Sydney. So it was only natural they have added native Australian botanicals to the bottles.

Tempus Two Gin is made from premium wine using a combination of traditional and non-traditional extraction and distillation methods. The distinctive characteristics of each varietal are captured by creating a wine spirit base using the latest spinning cone technology, before infusing the botanicals. Making each bottle unique to taste and ripe for trying.

Tempus Two is proud to say they do things differently and don’t follow tradition. And their gin range certainly proves just that. Introducing…

Tempus Two Gin Wild Botanical
Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is infused with native Australian botanicals

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin

Proudly the world’s first Prosecco wine-based gin. Rather than using grain, Tempus Two have created a gin from Prosecco wine spirit distilled with juniper berries, coriander, orange peel and rosebuds. Elevated by the infusion of these botanicals, the Prosecco wine spirit becomes a delicate gin with a touch of light green tree fruit flavours. Lovers of bubbles will adore Tempus Two Prosecco Gin as it is soft and floral, ideal for making an elegant G&T or refined cocktail.

Tempus Two Shiraz Gin

Sweet and peppery, added botanicals elevates Tempus Two Shiraz Gin beyond its base flavours of red berry fruits. Made from Shiraz wine grapes, including the Shiraz wine sprit base and the jammy Shiraz juice that is extracted, it is then distilled and infused with juniper berries, coriander and orange peel. This creates an opulent spirit with a rich sweetness bursting with flavours of raspberry, forest fruits and spice, with a deep ruby red colour.

Tempus Two Gin Shiraz and Prosecco

Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin

A punchy gin packed with juniper and infused with native botanicals found in the Australian bush. Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin is a full-flavoured gin ideal for the gin-enthusiast. Infused with the classic flavours of juniper and coriander and balanced with native Australian botanicals: desert limes, saltbush, and wattleseed. And a hint of orange peel. This creates an earthiness and a hint of saltiness for an an intense but well-rounded ‘Gin lovers Gin’.


Each Tempus Two Gin style has its own personality. Although all are equally delicious depending on your favourite tipple. From a classic G&T, that works well for each gin style, to a signature cocktail, there is one for every occasion.

Prosecco Gin Martini

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin is fresh and floral with these flavours suited to a low sugar, lighter tonic. This will ensure the mixer elevates the Prosecco’s delicate taste if a Gin & Tonic is your go-to drink. For something a little stiffer, try a Prosecco Gin Martini. Mixing 50ml of Tempus Two Prosecco Gin and a dash of dry vermouth with a garnish of lemon peel.

Shiraz Gin Spritz

With its Shiraz grape notes and essential botanicals, Tempus Two Shiraz Gin is a sweet, peppery and packed with red berry fruit flavour. Try it in a Shiraz Gin Spritz. Using 30ml of Tempus Two Shiraz Gin topped up with Tempus Two bubbles of Prosecco or Moscato. Add a slice of orange for a garnish and sip!

Tempus Two Gin Shiraz cocktail
Tempus Two Shiraz Gin Spritz

Wild Botanical Gin Negroni

Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin has a powerful combination of flavours and aromas and can handle bolder mixers. For a pre-dinner aperitif, make a Gin Negroni. Pour one-part Tempus Two Wild Botanical Gin, one-part Australian vermouth, stir then add a burnt orange peel garnish. It’s a uniquely Australian take on this cosmopolitan cocktail.

If you love gin and love wine, you’ll love the Tempus Two Gin range. They offer a gin to satisfy any palate and a cocktail ripe for any time of day. Be it World Gin Day or beyond!


This article was sponsored by Tempus Two.

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