Tanjong Jara Resort saves thousands of turtles

One year on since its launch, the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch at Tanjong Jara Resort has saved 111 nests with a combined total of 10,644 turtle eggs.

As a result, 4,920 endangered Green Turtle hatchlings and 16 critically endangered Painted Terrapin hatchlings have been released.

Guests of the resort can attend nest inspections that are conducted once every three days during peak season.

Those who want to get involved can pledge to save a nest through the adoption program.

Pledgers receive photo updates and are invited to return to the resort to watch the eggs hatching.

The nest adoption program has been well received by the public, with guests of Tanjong Jara Resort pledging to save over 80 turtle nests.

A third hatchery is being built due to its huge popularity with a waiting list of 33 turtle adoptees.

Strengthening conservation efforts, 240 members from the local community cleaned up 1,350 kilograms of rubbish along the 3.2-kilometre coastline fronting Tanjong Jara resort in September 2016 and July 2017.

These conservation efforts are vital to prevent the extinction of sea turtles and protect the natural environment.


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