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Top 5 spots to enjoy the autumn in Nikko, Japan

Top 5 spots to enjoy autumn in Nikko, Japan

Nikko, Japan in autumn is a resplendent palette of burnt oranges and ochres, fiery reds and deep greens. Here are our top 5 spots to enjoy autumn in Nikko.

Tobu Railway brings back historic steam locomotive

After a decades-long absence, the C11-207 locomotive will be re-introduced in Nikko in August

Tobu Railway's "Revaty" train meets traveller demands

Since launching in April this year, the new service has provided flexibility, increased transport options and a wider area of destinations

Discover the wonders of Nikko, Japan with Tobu Railway

Rich in history, culture and natural beauty, Nikko is a small city that packs a punch with plenty to see and do

Best cherry blossom viewing spots near Tokyo

Tobu Railway spans across four prefectures around Tokyo, offering incredible cherry blossom viewing spots, as well as many popular tourist attractions, along the way